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What is the one place in a home where nobody can bother you? You might be thinking, is it even possible? It sure is; the bathroom is the place in most houses where you can have time to yourself without any interruptions.

If you have lived in your house for some years, the idea of renovation must have crossed your mind. Changing those tired looking cabinets and countertops, putting in a new tub or installing a new powerful multi-head shower definitely sounds tempting. The bathroom is at the top of the home renovation list for most people.
Bathroom renovation checklist: To ensure that your bathroom renovation runs smoothly, here's a checklist to keep your project on track
Before renovating the bathroom: Before you decide to go ahead with a renovation, it's critical to have a good idea of any underlying problems that could cause unwelcome and costly surprises
Bathroom Renovation Ideas: Planning a bathroom renovation can be a lot of fun!

The Primary Question: DIY or Hire a Professional?
A lot of people like to do renovation projects themselves, while some feel that it's better to let a professional do the job. There is good sense in both approaches. The DIY (do it yourself) approach can save you a considerable amount of money that you can spend on other things. It can also be satisfying and may even help you bond with the family if it's carried out as a family project. However, doing it all by yourself without enough experience can become problematic especially when it comes to masonry work, electrical work, tiling, etc. This is the part a professional can do better in many cases. So, my suggestion would be to use a combination of both approaches. DIY tasks may include overall project management, tearing the place apart (that can be fun), deciding on and purchasing the fixtures, color selection, etc. Things like masonry work, electrical work and tiling may be better left for a professional.
Remodeling library: This web page has a nice collection remodeling articles
Bathroom renovation guide: A quick and straight forward guide to bathroom renovations
DIY bathroom renovation tips: Useful bathroom renovation tips when doing it yourself
Bathroom makeovers: Very informative article from 'consumer reports' about bathroom renovation

A Complete Redesign or Just Some Cosmetic Changes?
Before actually getting started, you should evaluate whether you need a complete overhaul or some small changes can also make significant differences. It also depends upon your budget; if your budget is tight, you might want to look at the makeover option first. Just doing something simple like changing the color scheme or resurfacing the existing floor or tub can make a significant difference.
While you can try to visualize or even dabble with drawing some possible ideas, it may not give you the right picture of the final outcome. This problem can be solved by using commercially available software programs that let you create detailed plans for any area of the house. You can play with different layouts and configurations to see which one looks better and meets your needs.
Bathroom renovation ideas: Bathroom designs from modern to traditional
Bathroom design ideas: Browse this site for bathroom renovation pictures, general design idea photos or very specific inspirations
Bathroom How-to: From minor updates to total gut jobs, find bathroom remodeling tips and how-to instructions to help you get the job done
Bathroom makeover ideas: Find inspiring ideas for beautiful bathroom makeovers. See amazing before-and-after photos from selected bath renovations.
Bathroom central: A site dedicated to bathroom design tips and ideas

How much does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?
If you're planning for a full blown, strip-to-bare-bones renovation then it may be a considerable cost. It depends upon several factors like how much you want to change the existing bathroom. Just changing the color and replacing the cabinets and sink is not very expensive, but putting in new flooring, tiling, adding multiple new fixtures will start adding to the cost. According to an estimate, a small renovation project completed by a professional can cost you around $12,000-$15,000. However, if you do it yourself, you can possibly save 20%-40% here. Fixtures like the bath tub, basins, taps, tiles, etc. are quite expensive so if you put in some time and effort in researching and finding a good deal, you can save a considerable amount of money. As in any kind of project, keep in mind that you may end up spending more than your estimated cost.
Budgeting Your Bathroom Renovation: Very useful information to help you prepare a budget for bathroom renovation
Bathroom cost estimator: A useful tool to help you get a rough cost estimate for your new bathroom project
How much your bathroom remodeling will cost: This site gives you a ballpark idea of what kinds of costs to expect for bathroom remodeling
Apartment therapy: This site gives you all the costs of an actual bathroom remodeling project
Reduce bathroom renovation costs: Gives you some great tips on reducing the cost of bathroom renovation

Great Bathroom Renovation Tips
These tips will help you create your dream bathroom at home:
Choice of Flooring: Flooring is a very important part of a bathroom so choose durable, water-resistant flooring such as ceramic, marble and stone tiles.
Create space with mirrors: Mirrors are an indispensable part of a bathroom. You can creatively use mirrors in the bathroom to create a sense of space.
Try out the bathtub: Since many people like taking relaxing baths, it is important that you choose the right bathtub. Don't decide just by looking at it; sit in the bathtub to see if it would be comfortable for you.
Pay attention to lighting: It may not be as obvious as the other aspects of bathroom renovation, but lighting is an important aesthetic aspect of a bathroom. Use bulbs with the desired type of light and place them so that they don't cast shadows.
Handy Canadian: Some useful bathroom renovation tips
Style at home: Here are the most important tips to consider when considering bathroom renovations
Green Bathroom Renovation Tips: Great eco-friendly tips for bathroom renovation
Bathroom remodeling tips: This site identifies top five mistakes to avoid when undertaking a bathroom remodeling project

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