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Interior designing is all about making your home, workplace or any other area where you spend a considerable amount of time beautiful, elegant and comfortable. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, interior design is defined as:
The art or practice of planning and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings.
Interior Design 101: Get started with decorating your home or apartment interior by learning the basics of interior design
All Home Decor: Very useful information on all aspects of home decor and interior designing
Home Decorating Reviews: A free online magazine on interior designing and furniture
IFDA: The IFDA (International Furnishing and Design Association) is a trade association consistently dedicated to representing furnishings and design professionals
WBDG: An excellent and very comprehensive article about interior design
British Institute of Interior Design: Includes best practices, provides practical professional support, development opportunities and education on interior designing

Planning an Interior Design Project

Interior designing projects can be as simple as rearranging existing things around the house or can turn into a full blown project. The best and most satisfying way of designing and decorating a living or working space is by doing it yourself.
A typical interior design project entails many details including:

  • Thorough research about the requirements according to the scope of the project
  • Determining a budget
  • Preparing a schedule
  • Preparing a plan and layout
  • Determining construction requirements (if any)
  • Deciding on the colors and materials to be used
  • Deciding on furniture and other home decor items

About.com: Interior Decorating: Contains links and information on accessories, interior design subjects, etc.
The Center for Universal Design: Includes information on housing/built environments, projects and services, resources, publications and more
Dezine Cafe: The first and oldest international design community on the World Wide Web
Home Design Sense: Home design decorating tips and interior home design ideas
Interior Design Glossary of Terms: Terminology for art, architecture, construction, furniture, hardware
IIDA: The IIDA (International Interior Design Association) is a professional networking and educational association committed to enhancing the quality of life through excellence in Interior Design.

Principles of Interior Design

The task of executing an interior design project without the help of a professional may seem daunting because of all the details involved, however, if you know the basic principles of interior design, you can successfully design your own dwelling.
Learn these basic interior design principles before starting on any project:
Think of Your House as a Whole: Most interior design projects don't involve the complete redesign of a house and often only entail doing a small area or two. However, even when doing just one area keep in mind the whole house as a unit and think how the changes in one area will affect the look and feel of the entire house. Make sure that the changes complement the rest of the house and everything is linked by a common theme.

ID-Sphere: A community site for interior designers and related sectors with articles, forums, jobs, case studies, events and other useful information
Interiordezine.com: Providing free interior design and decorating education to the world
This Old House: Advice on home improvement, remodeling, upgrades, tools, and products. Also includes ideas, photos, how-to videos, and step-by-step projects.
Dezeen: Dezeen is the place to go to for breaking architectural and interior design news
Better Living through Design: The resource to check out when you know you want to add something to your furniture and design collection

Symmetry and Balance: Balance can be achieved in two ways: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetry is created by mirroring the arrangement on two opposing sides. Asymmetrical balance is achieved by using objects that are not similar but have similar visual appeal.

Color: Color is one of the most important elements in interior design because it is the first thing that catches the eye. Colors also impact the whole atmosphere of the space and have subtle effects on the mood.
Designers' Portfolio HGTV's compilation of designs offers thousands of rooms that have been put together by professional designers
Interiordezine: Offers free interior design and decorating education online
Elements of Interior Design: Simple and inexpensive tips to guide you through the essentials of home decor
School of Interior Design: This site helps connect people with interior design institutes and courses all across the world
Designer Pages: Architecture and interior design trade community connecting designers to the latest product designs with up-to-date specifications.
Franklin Report: Offers profiles and ratings of home service vendors (including renovation, design, and maintenance) based on customer surveys

Repetition, Progression and Contrast: Using elements such as color and texture more than once in a space is called repetition. Gradual increase or decrease in the size of the objects or change in the shades of colors is called progression. Contrast involves using two completely opposite elements such as colors or size of objects. Repetition, progression and contrast are used in interior design to create rhythm.

Drawing Attention: In order to decorate a room, people often just fill up the space with the things they like. However, this approach doesn't necessarily make the space appealing. Even with a lot of stuff, every space should have a focal point to draw attention. The focal point should be integrated with the rest of the space so that after catching the visitors attention it directs the viewer to the rest of the room. The focal point may be anything, such as a piece of furniture or a painting.

Details, details, details: One of the fundamental aspects of interior design is paying attention to small details. It can be something as inconspicuous as the color of a cushion, or handles on a closet, or the shape of the light switches. Individually, these may not seem important, but collectively these details can make a lot of difference.
House of Design: This is a platform for professional, self producing designers of furniture, products, interiors, lighting, jewelry and related objects
Design Fusion International: Global directory for design elements, tips, and trade news for web designers, architects, engineers, interior, and urban designers
Living Room Design: The five essentials of a successful living room design project
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Interior Design Gallery: Office interior designing tips
Let's Build!: A useful article on interior design methodologies

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