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Let's face it, everyone draws! Some people excel at sketching human figures, others are great at capturing beautiful scenery, some do great cartoons, and the rest of us doodle at the back of our notepads while sitting in boring office meetings.
The truth is drawing and painting are both great hobbies. They improve our ability to see details in objects, they help us improve hand-eye coordination, and they also help us to relax and meditate. In this article we'll identify some great online resources which you can use to learn or to improve your skills in drawing and painting.
Art School Online Great articles and resources for learning to draw or paint from scratch
How to Draw and Paint by Bob Davies Great lessons for learning to draw and paint with several different types of tools and mediums
The Art Instruction Blog Learn to draw or paint by learning from several different and talented artists using various tools and mediums
The Right Art Supplies by Bob Davies When you're starting out drawing and painting you need to have the right tools. This link has some great articles on what you should look for.

Learning to Draw

Before you try your skills at sketching Spiderman swinging from building to building, you need to learn the basics of drawing. This includes learning to hold the pencil right, shading, drawing perspectives, drawing human figures, scenery, etc. But even before that, you need to have the right tools for drawing!
The following links will help you learn the skills of drawing and illustrating as well as tell you what you need before you get down to putting pencil to paper.
Basic Drawing Materials Before you can learn to draw, you need the right tools. Learn what you need on this site
What Skills are Needed to Learn to Draw? The Goshen Institute will help you identify and improve upon the skills you need to become a serious artist
LearntoDraw.com Learn drawing from the very beginning sketching and shading and then go on to learn how to draw human figures, caricatures and other objects
Drawspace.com Step by step drawing lessons for beginners, intermediate level folks as well as the advanced art students. Lessons covered include shading, perspectives, human figures, animals, and more!
Online Video Drawing Lessons If a picture's worth a thousand words then a video must be worth a million right? Here's a series of videos to help you cut to the chase with your drawing ambitions!
Learn to Draw Cartoons! Admit it! A big reason you want to learn to draw is so you can draw that awesome cartoon character you watched on TV! Well, this site will help you learn how to draw all sorts of familiar cartoon characters! Even Orco from He-Man!
Figure and Portrait Drawing Lessons So you want to learn how to draw Tom Cruise? Well, this is the site for you. Learn what you need to know to draw some great human figures and portraits

Learning to Paint

There are few things that can add to the mood of a living room or hallway like a painting of a beautiful sunset or waterfall in the forest. Just sitting in a chair and looking at one such work of art allows one to relax and forget one's worries for some time.
Painting not only requires a skilled hand gentle yet firm but also a keen eye for color; however this doesn't mean that painting cannot be learnt, it most certainly can. There are several different types of paints one can use and each has its own set of properties. Before you paint your masterpiece you need to familiarize yourself with basics such as: how to hold the brush, how to mix paints, how to cover the canvas, etc.
The following links will help you on your way in the wonderful world of painting:
Before You Buy Watercolor Supplies Before you paint, you need the right paints, brush and other important items. Find out what you need on this site.
ArtApprenticeOnline.com Learn to paint or draw landscapes, still life, birds, wildlife and more. Take an online art class right now and unleash your hidden artistic talents (Note: these are paid for classes!)
Learning to Paint Videos These step by step video lessons will provide you with both the theory and foundation you need to begin your journey into the world of painting
Step by Step Painting Demos and Tutorials - Learn the basics of watercolor painting, oil painting, knife painting, acrylic painting as well as several different types of themes

Different Tools and Techniques for Drawing and Painting

So is there just one type of drawing or painting? Of course not, else the world would be rather boring don't you think?
There are several different types of drawing and illustrating techniques including still life, portraits, cartoons, comics, manga, and several others. Similarly there are different types of paints such as watercolors, oil paints, acrylics, and each of these has their own set of properties, advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, over the last 15 years or so, the digital art industry has boomed significantly and these days one cannot really call oneself a serious artist unless one can use digital art software such as Adobe Photoshop.
Painting with Acrylics Some great video tutorials where you can learn to paint with acrylic paints
Oil Painting Tutorials Learn oil painting from the very beginning sketching to creating wonderful artworks of birds and animals
Watercolorpainting.com This site has just about everything you need to know to learn to create masterpieces with watercolors. Learn how to hold the brush, how to move the brush, basic water coloring skills as well as advanced.
Digital Painting Tutorial Painting doesn't have to be restricted to a physical paintbrush. Digital painting is what's hot these days and this tutorial is just what you need to learn this amazing new art form
Drawing Comic Book Style Make your childhood heroes come alive by learning to draw like a comic book artist
Drawing Backgrounds and Sceneries Did you ever glimpse an amazing view of the outdoors and wish you could somehow capture it on paper? Now you can by going through these tutorials and practicing what you've learnt
Drawing with Charcoal Charcoal gives a completely unique and timeless feel to art work. Learn how to use charcoal as well as charcoal tips and tricks with this tutorial

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