30 Great Web Resources to Learn French Quickly

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Bonjour! That’s probably the most recognized word in the French dictionary and there are many more beautiful words where that came from! So if you’re interested in learning French keep reading on, because we’ve got 30 great online resources for learning it that will have you speaking French fluently in no time at all!

  1. Bonjour: An online resource which will help you learn French, for free! This website includes a very interesting section where you select a word in English, it’s translated for you to French, including details on pronunciation and also lets you hear the translation. 
  2. Learn French Online â€" for Free: A great number of French lessons broken down into daily categories such as greetings, family, numbers, restaurants, clothes, holiday, work and more. Also includes a section of games to help you learn French in a fun way.
  3. French Assistant: A website designed in a comical manner to help you learn French. Includes sections on how to use the site, lessons, sounds, and more.
  4. Rosetta Stone: An online method of learning French with a professional French teacher!
  5. Learn Language: Learn French online for free through interactive lessons, games and activities. This resource will have you fluent in 1200 French words and phrases!
  6. ieLanguages: Free online language tutorials to help you learn French through phrases, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and listening resources.
  7. iTunes â€" French Free 24/7 Language Learning: An app for Apple products which will help you set up your own minilab right at home.
  8. Quia: A list of thousands of activities which can be used to learn French. One of the most comprehensive collections available online.
  9. Languages Online: A category based learning resource for language, this website also includes revision sections to guarantee that you’ve learned everything you need to know before proceeding onto the next French lesson.
  10. Internet Polygot: Dedicated to providing online activities to help people learn foreign languages. Specifically aimed at helping you retain French words.
  11. To Learn French: Designed by a French teacher in France, this resource even has a placement test so that you know exactly where to start.

Learning French Online Through Games
Nearly all educationists agree that learning through games is one of the best learning methods because retention increases significantly. The resources below focus on teaching you French with games which are accessible online.

  1. Digital Dialects: Learning the French Language entirely through games  including categories for colour, vocabulary, clothing, animals, days and months with much more. 
  2. BBC Languages â€" French: Information which helps you learn French via BBC. Includes a list of commonly used French phrases, free online courses, crosswords with audio to help improve your grammar, links to the French news and much more.
  3. Transparent Language: Free games online for learning French, including a Facebook Application and a fun International Café.
  4. French in a Click: Games which will help you practice your grammar and even GCSE topics. Includes hangman, memory and drag and drop games. Also provides a list of printable worksheets. If you become a member of this website you can access the audio zone as well.
  5. Primary Games Arena: A collection of games which target to teach the primary French curriculum. This resource also provides information on which year the games target so that you know exactly which ones you should play.
  6. Le Point du Fle: An extremely large collection of French Lessons including games, fairy tales and stories, festivals and a teacher’s corner for educationists.
  7. Learn French Online: A truly unique game involving dragging clothes that are called out onto a ‘paper doll’.
  8. Genki French: A very colorful collection of French games to help you learn French â€" for free!
  9. Ciel Bretagne: A collection of printable games to teach and learn French as a second language.

Online Resources to learn French for Kids
Children have an advantage over adults for learning new languages. Because their brains function differently than adults, they are still able to absorb and retain material much more easily. If you wish for your child to learn French or teach a French class, the resources below are an excellent place to get started.

  1. French Spanish Online: Free online French lessons for beginners or for kids. Includes an English to French dictionary, with categories on weather, body, holidays, and even songs.
  2. Hello World: An online resource which teaches children French through songs, games, activities and more.
  3. Make Use Of: 7 great games to learn Spanish, French and other languages. Lots of fun for kids with an educational objective.
  4. Learn French Lab: How children learn to speak French supported by games and information on what you should expect.
  5. Cartoonito: A highly interactive website to help teach children French. Includes games, videos, songs, activities, birthdays and a section for parents as well.
  6. Dino Lingo: An award winning online resource for helping children learn French. Supported by videos, includes both free and charged options.
  7. Fun Educational Apps: A resource which highlights the best iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps for children to learn French with.
  8. Canadian Parents for French: A long list of fun games to play with your children to help them learn French. Though this is aimed at Canadian parents, this resource is highly valuable for all parents who wish to teach their children French.
  9. Kiddie Games: A list of French games to help out in all different situations and learning environments.
  10. French 4 tots: A French educational website for young children which teaches language in a fun way.




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