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Frisbee was once a relaxing activity that was played in parks in gentle summer evenings. Who would have thought that this simple activity would turn into a full-fledged sport called Ultimate Frisbee complete with player associations, strategies, equipment, teams, tournaments and more?
Ultimate Frisbee is often referred to as ‘ultimate’ because in some places the word ‘frisbee’ is actually a registered trademark by the Wham-O toy company. Whatever you call it, if you loved frisbee as a kid Ultimate Frisbee is definitely a sport that you must try!

What is Ultimate: A website dedicated to the international aspect of Ultimate Frisbee, how it’s played and its history. 
Bleacher Reporter: A captivating slideshow on the top 10 Ultimate Frisbee plays of all time.
Playspedia: An excellent resource for the different types of plays in Ultimate Frisbee. Great for learning new plays or as a reference for old ones.
Ultimate Rob: How to play Ultimate Frisbee better. Includes videos, psychology, training and drills, strategies and much more.
Ultimate for Beginners (.pdf file): A great handbook that can be used as a training guide for beginners at Ultimate Frisbee

How Ultimate Frisbee is Played
Though there are a number of variations for Ultimate Frisbee based on the tournament and type of game you’re playing, the basic rules of Ultimate Frisbee are pretty simple:

  • The game starts with both teams lining up at their end-zones. One team throws a pull, i.e. a long throw to the opposing team with the objective of giving them poor field position.
  • The frisbee is thrown between team members. Once a player catches the frisbee they have to stop as soon as possible. At any time, the frisbee may be intercepted by the opposing team
  • Once the frisbee is caught, the player can only move one foot â€" the other is used as a pivot foot.
  • A team scores a point when the frisbee is thrown and caught over the end-zone of the opposing team.

The rules of Ultimate Frisbee strongly incorporate the concept of ‘Spirit of the Game’ where the responsibility of the spirit of sportsmanship lies with each player.  This is such an important term that it has actually been officially defined in the rules of Ultimate Frisbee established by USA Ultimate.
Make Use Of: Five websites which will help you learn how to play Ultimate Frisbee.
Ultimate Frisbee Rules: Rules of Ultimate Frisbee along with information on strategies and the Spirit of the Game.
Gym Class â€" Ultimate Frisbee: Learn how to play Ultimate Frisbee in 5 simple lessons.
Play Sports TV â€" How to Play Ultimate Frisbee: A video which provides excellent guidance on how to start playing Ultimate Frisbee.
Ultimate Junkies: A website including information on the leagues, rules and regulations, health and fitness and much more in the Ultimate Frisbee circuit.

List of Equipment Required to Play Ultimate Frisbee
As with most sports, there is some gear required for playing Ultimate Frisbee safely. Because of the Spirit of the Game, it’s generally a safe sport â€" however one must always be prepared. Here is a list of basic equipment required to play Ultimate Frisbee:
A wide open field
Cones/Markers to designate the end-zone for both teams
Optional: Nets and baskets for goals
Optional: Eye safety gear
Fit to Do: Information on types and levels of ultimate frisbee, coaching, gear, eye wear and more!
Ultimate Frisbee Australia (.pdf file) - Frisbee 101 Handbook: Includes all the information required for having a successful and fun Ultimate Frisbee game.

Players Association in Ultimate Frisbee
Ever since Ultimate Frisbee has become a recognized sport played throughout the world, governing bodies for this exciting sport have popped up. There are numerous associations based on countries, cities and even regions. Below is a list of all the key associations:
Australia Ultimate: The association for Ultimate Frisbee in Australia. They also include information on insurance, how to volunteer, buying gear and coaching.
Korea Ultimate: The home of the Korea Ultimate Players Association, this resource provides information on the league, tournaments, contacts in Korea and more.
Singapore Ultimate: All about the Singapore Ultimate Frisbee Association along with information on their teams
UK Ultimate: UK Ultimate is the National Governing Body for Ultimate Frisbee in Great Britain and Ireland.
USA Ultimate: The United States National Governing Body for the sport of Ultimate.
World Flying Disc Federation: Information from the official international governing body of all flying disc sports including Ultimate Frisbee.

History of Ultimate Frisbee
This unexpected sport was created in 1968 in the USA. The staff members of a school newspaper, The Columbian and members of the Student Council came together to create Ultimate Frisbee as an extracurricular for the high school students. Joel Silver who was on both the Student Council and The Columbian is credited to have created the rules of Ultimate Frisbee. He has said that he initially thought of the activity as a joke more than anything else and did not expect it to become as popular as it has. The rules of Ultimate Frisbee combined the strategies and plays of Netball, Soccer, Basketball, and American Football all into one sport.
International Ultimate Frisbee kicked off in 1970 thanks to a team called ‘Nat Love Nine’ from Boston, USA. It was featured in Sports Illustrated in 1971 which played a key role in recognizing Ultimate Frisbee as a valid sport.
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