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Gardening is defined as the practice of maintaining and taking care of plants. There are two types of gardening: Ornamental gardening, which pertains to maintaining and growing gardens of flowers and foliage for aesthetic pleasure, while the second type is gardening done for consumption purposes like growing plants for food and medicine.

Gardening includes growing fruit orchards or boulevards of plants and flowers as well as taking care of shrubs and trees. Gardeners also work on residential yards that include lawns and foundation plantings. Some gardeners specialize in one type of plant only while others continue to look after and grow all sorts of plants and flowers.

A DIY on how to grow fertile, good soil: Without good soil, gardening is pointless. Learn how to maintain a garden with great, fertile soil
Gardener's Paradise: Great resources on how to grow gardens for beginners
Helpful gardener: Educate yourself on the dangers of chemical use in the garden

Types of Gardening

Residential gardening: This is done within the home or in the vicinity; it could be on a roof top, atrium, balcony or window box.
Residential gardening: A specialist website offering distance learning courses in garden design, landscaping, gardening and horticulture
Grow 'tomato trilogy' and sun dried tomatoes: Learn how to grow the interesting tomato trilogy, do spring training or grow flowers for autumn. Learn how to grow crisp kales and harvest other beautiful plants and flowers.
How to grow tomato plants: Award winning garden expert Steve Brookes explains how to grow tomatoes and more in a fun, interactive method
Attract hummingbirds and grow lettuce in your garden: Learn how to grow plants and flowers accordingly. You can even attract beautiful and helpful birds to your garden by keeping a bird house.

Botanical and zoological gardening: This includes maintaining non-residential green areas like parks, public and semi public gardens.
Botanical and zoological gardening: Here you can learn all you need to know to grow anything and garden in a variety of styles.

Indoor gardening: This type is related to growing of houseplants within a residential area or a conservatory.
Indoor gardening: This site teaches indoor gardening and provides tips on choosing garden grow lights, hydroponic nutrients, growing mediums, etc.
Indoor gardening methods: Here are some tips on indoor gardening that will make your orchards look heavenly
UK gardening: Tips on gardening in the UK such as how to rid the garden of shrubs and shriveled bulbs

Native plant gardening: This kind uses native plants to create habitats for wildlife. This is to bring a garden in harmony with the wildlife of a specific area.
Native plant gardening: This site will help you find native plants for your garden
Celebrating wildflowers: Great native gardening information by the US forest service

Water gardening: Water gardening includes growing plants in pools and ponds. They are also known as bog gardens. Container gardening involves gardening in pots and hanging baskets or planters.
Water gardening: This is a water gardening community where you can share videos, audio, photos, and stories
My water garden: Great tips and ideas on water gardening

Community gardening: This is done by a group of people to produce fresh plants as well as for appreciating collective labor and neighborhood unity.

Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network: These fact sheets are designed to improve the community gardening practice
Community gardening: Basic information and tips to get a community gardening project off the ground

Tools Required for Gardening
Gardening tools are usually made of bamboo, copper, stone, wood, clay, stained glass, concrete, iron, metal and other materials. You can determine the type of tool you need by determining the type of your garden. Bricks, fieldstones, wood chips, pine needles and other materials are used to decorate path ways into gardens. Backdrops are also used to give an even more pleasant look. Walls, hedges and fences are not only used to increase the beauty of the garden but also to enhance privacy. They are helpful in hiding the unpleasant areas of the garden as well.
To add height to the garden, you should use trellises and arbors along with arches to add height. Trellises help in raising flowers and vines vertically while arches are used for entry ways. Thus, depth is added to the scenery. You can also use gazing balls, stakes and hangers with spinners and pinwheels to increase the beauty of the garden.
Ten Must-Have Garden Tools: This guide provides information about 10 essential gardening tools For any gardener, tools are extremely important. This website offers great buys at the most affordable rates
Gardening calendar: BBC's gardening calendar that offers the best tips and interactive education for gardeners around the world

Garden pest control
In addition to using pesticides, there are other more innovative ways for garden pest control. Pest control products are widely used due to their efficiency to end all sorts of insects and harmful plants. However, it is very important for a gardener to acknowledge the importance of helpful insects like honey bees, birds and ladybugs. Organic soil is always helpful in providing better fertility for plants to grow in. Seaweed mulch and spray can minimize insect habitats by cleaning the area of weeds and other useless debris.
Rotating crops is extremely important. By changing their place of growth, you can offer fertility to the roots. Try to keep the foliage dry so that pests cannot live in those areas.
Sometimes plants have repelling properties for each other while others remain in symbiotic harmony. It is important to recognize this for better planting purposes.

Insects and pests: Detailed information about gardening pest control
Reviving a disaster stricken garden: Learn about the revival of a disaster stricken garden which was brought back to life with some simple, easy-to-do tips
Home gardening ideas: Here are some great, fun ideas to maintain a home garden. You can even learn how to handle garden furniture and other decorative methods for your green patch
Tips, techniques and instructions on gardening according to types: Simply gauge what type of garden you own and learn how to enhance its productivity and beauty with these simple tips and techniques

Gardening Tips

  • It is best to grow plants that are native to your area because they will have a better chance of growing
  • It is important to know the best time of year to grow your chosen plants
  • Make sure that the plants that need it get plenty of sunlight
  • Your garden should have proper drainage to avoid standing water
  • Learn about the organisms - especially pests - that can destroy your garden

The best gardening info: This article offers great information on gardening along with beautiful photographs as 'before and after' proof A great website on gardening, which also helps us to understand gardening as an 'art'
Organic gardening: Without relying on any synthetic help for your garden, learn how to grow organic plants and flowers in a matter of a few months
How to grow an organic vegetable garden: This YouTube video will help you learn the basics of maintaining a healthy, fresh organic vegetable garden
Veggie gardening tips: Here's a great, fun guide for working with tough plants and flowers

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