21 Must Read Resources for Beginner Gardeners

Gardening has so many benefits, you have to wonder why everyone doesn’t do it. It’s good for the environment, releases stress, makes the environment look great, and with the right effort and time can even provide you cheap and organic food from home. You don’t even need a lot of space to have a nice garden! You can use containers, tires, or the traditional pot if you don’t have a space of your own. Another option which is becoming popular once again is community gardening, where people share ‘garden plots’ in one large area. You may even want to consider starting one yourself if needed.
There’s lots of information targeted at the beginning gardener. You simply need to decide what you wish to grow, get the right materials and get started!
Garden Guides â€" A complete website with lots of information for beginner gardeners including garden design, gardening spaces, pests and disease, the different phases of gardening and organic gardening. Also has a bunch of articles, videos, information on plants and even recipes!
Gardening for Beginners â€" Separate sections on flowers, vegetables and fruits along with lots of cool resources such as vegetable seed growing guide, how to garden guides and tips from the experts.
Gardening 101: Gardening Basics for Beginners â€" A brief 5 step guide with sections on how to start your own garden starting from preparing your soil to giving your garden time.
10 Best Garden Crops for Beginners â€" If you don’t know what you should plant for your first gardening attempt, take a look at this article. It provides a list of 10 very easy vegetables and fruits to grow.
BBC: Gardening Guides â€" A step by step guide on gardening for beginners plus more information on growing fruits and vegetables, hard landscaping, houseplants, ponds and much, much more.

Herb Gardens for Beginners
Probably one of the easiest and most rewarding types of plants, herbs can be grown almost anywhere and in any weather. Plus, there’s absolutely nothing like having a meal with fresh picked herbs from your own garden. Once you start using fresh herbs, you’ll never want to go back to the store bought ones again. Consider using the following herbs to get started:
The Tasteful Garden: Herb Gardening for Beginners â€" This website is full of resources on gardening but the article specifically focuses on starting a herb garden. Guidelines focus on choosing the right place, how to plant different herbs, preparing the soil and watering properly.
Garden Herbs: Herbs for Beginners â€" This article provides a mixture of how to grow herbs and what best they’re used in. It will help you ensure you’re selecting the right herbs to use for your own personal kitchen.
Plant a Beginners’ Herb Garden â€" This resource provides a comprehensive list of the different types of herbs that are easily grown at home, their varieties, what to be careful of and other tips.
Herb Gardening for Beginners â€" This article takes an excerpt from the book “Herb Gardening from the Ground Up” and has details on herb life cycles, climate requirements, rate and pattern of growth and means of propagation. It also has many links to other resources which will help you get your first herb garden just right.
Vegetable Gardening for Beginners
For those who have more faith in their green-thumb, there are tons of vegetables that are grown very well at home. You can grow simple ones such as peas and tomatoes in pots or have a more complex vegetable garden with pumpkins, lettuce and more.
Gardening Know-How: Vegetable Gardening for Beginners â€" If you want to endeavor into the world of vegetable gardening, this website will help you choose the best location for your garden, improve the soil in your area and maintain the garden. Also includes more information on how to plant vegetables and designing a container vegetable garden.
Vegetable Garden Planning for Beginners â€" A to-the-point resource with information on the very basics, deciding the size of your garden, suggested plants, when to plant and even a diagram of a sample garden plot.
Gardening Basics for Beginners, A Reference for Everyone Else â€" A list of gardening resources in the categories of design, soil, techniques and tools, care and maintenance and a special section on starting a vegetable garden.
Fruit Gardens for Beginners
Because many fruits take more time and space to grow than vegetables, a lot of people prefer not to grow fruits until they’re more skilled at maintaining a garden. However, if you like you can still try to start off with berries and other easy to grow fruit plants. Just make sure that you plant them at the right season because they’re definitely more sensitive than herbs and vegetables.
A Beginner's Guide to Fruit and Vegetable Gardening - How to Start an Edible Garden â€" Growing your own fruits and vegetables is one of the most rewarding and healthy experiences you can have. This article presents 5 simple steps to get your edible garden going.
Fruit Gardening Guide â€" Organized according to fruits, this is the perfect website to go to as a reference or if you know exactly which fruit you want to plant. It provides information on the essentials of planting, growing, and caring for each fruit type.
Small Fruit in the Home Garden â€" A very informative resource with a good introduction on planning a small fruit garden and specific growing details for strawberries, grapes, brambles, blueberries, currents and gooseberries
Gardening Tips for Beginners
Regardless of what type of plants you decide to grow in your personal garden, make sure you arm yourself with knowledge regarding soil, water, weather, types of containers, compost and everything else you need. It’s very disappointing to go through the effort of planting a garden and not have things grow the way you want them too. There are lots of areas to cover, so go through these tips for beginners before you get started.
Select a spot that has both gentle sun and shade.
If you live in a drought zone, select plants which require little water.
Make sure to read up on the plants that you’re going to start with so that you know what kind of planters or gardening space you’ll need.
If you’ve never gardened before, you may want to start off with seedlings instead of seeds.
Have a proper watering can, especially for small plants so you don’t disturb the seeds or seedlings.
Cheap Gardening Tips for Beginners â€" Seasoned gardeners know that having a fully functional garden can sometimes be quite heavy on the wallet. This resource takes you through each step of growing a garden and provides tips on saving money in each phase.
Answers to 3 Common Beginner Gardening Questions â€" Not sure where to start? This interview with an experienced, award winning gardener will give you knowledge for your first stepping stone in gardening. From pre-planting months to which vegetables to grow, this is a must read for all beginners.
10 Container Garden Tips for Beginners â€" You can still grow a great garden even if you don’t have a lot of space. This article provides tips on making sure you have a successful garden in containers.
The 24 Best Gardening Tips â€" Tips for before you plant, planting and growing, harvesting time, the garden cycle, and one bonus tip!
Easy Gardening Tips for Beginners â€" An extremely comprehensive article that will provide you with knowledge and tips in seven basic fundamental steps.

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