Internet Safety for Kids

If you were asked to write an essay titled 'Describe the Internet', what would you write? I would give full marks to someone who describes it as being similar to a swimming pool. If you know how to swim, the pool water can be your best friend. Swimming can be a great fun and also great form exercise! But if you don't know how to swim, the swimming pool can be a very dangerous place and if you're not careful you might meet a tragic end. This is the same as the internet.

The internet has lots of games, videos and cartoons to play and watch! You can also use the internet to get creative ideas for developing new products or earning money. You can use the internet to learn more about the topics being taught in school, and be a step ahead of your classmates! Thus the internet can be an extremely useful friend.

On the flip side, if you don't take proper care, the internet can be very dangerous too. Sadly, it has become a popular place for criminals to commit crimes. Children who surf the net unsupervised can end up making friends with strangers who pretend to be children but are actually adults with bad intentions. They can also accidentally come across pornographic material which can cause them psychological harm.

Sometimes children might not like their parents supervising them while they surf the internet. The children probably feel that the parents are intruding or spoiling their fun. However you must realize that this is for your own safety.

Cyber Crimes

What are the possible dangers that exist on the internet? Just as there are bad people everywhere, there are bad people on the internet also who can cause you a lot of harm. They could hack your computer and erase all the data. They could send you spam emails containing inappropriate material on your e-mail address. They could also hurt you emotionally by net bullying you. You need to know about these crimes so that you can protect yourself and your friends from them.

Cyber Bullying
Learn about cyber bullying and ways in which you can become a superhero against it!

Net Bullies
Your parents can read about net bullies and explain to you ways to stay away from them.

Protect Yourself from Abuse
Katie's place is a special project on internet safety to teach young teenage girls ways to protect them online and offline from unknown men and abuse.

Different Internet Risks
Do you know the internet better than your parents? Well you probably don't know about all of the dangers that exist on the net! Read and follow for your own safety.

Rules to Follow on the Internet

You now know about just a few of the possible dangers that exist on the internet. The following basic 'do not's' will help to protect you while you surf the internet:

  1. Do not share your passwords, full name, phone numbers, or home address details with anyone online. If your friends need them, they can ask you personally!
  2. Do not open emails from strangers. Definitely avoid opening e-mails with suspicious subject lines like 'lottery' or 'invite'.
  3. Do not click on advertisements on the sides of websites. Often they can lead to dirty websites and videos
  4. Do not upload your picture. If you need to do so, take your elder siblings' help or ask your parents for advice.
  5. Do not change the internet settings your parents have made. They have made these settings for your own safety.
  6. DON'T EVER agree to meet someone you met online in person. It could be someone with bad intentions who is not who he/she claims to be. If you must meet them, take your parents with you.

Net Smart Guide
Plenty of the latest internet safety tips for you, your parents and your elder siblings. You can read about blogging, social networking, cyber bullying, gaming and cell phones and learn to use these tools properly.' There are also games which teach you the rules of internet safety.

Use Internet Safely
Tips for you to follow when using the internet. There are downloadable rules which you can read with your parents and friends. You can also stick them on a convenient place where you can revise them each time you are surfing the web.

Jo cool or Jo Fool
This interactive online module will take you through a CyberTour of twelve mock web sites to test your internet surfing skills.

Online Safety Challenge
Take this test to see if you know the internet safety rules. Click on 'true' or 'false' for the correct answer and move on to the next one. At the end your total score will tell you how well you know the rules of internet safety!

Wired Kids
This website will teach you ways to surf the web wisely and provide rules on online safety while reading e-mails, downloading music, etc. It has games which make learning fun.

Internet Survival Guide
Tips for you and your parents to use the internet safely. There is a PDF document which can be downloaded and shared with your friends and family members. There is section for parents which explains what ages can access the internet at what level ' this will be especially helpful for your parents to set internet rules!

Computer FBI
Here you can read safety tips on using the computer and also play games related to internet safety.

Healthy Internet Use for Teens
Safe surfing tips and plenty of other internet safety related articles for teenagers. This site also explains what the different types of internet dangers can be.

Be a Smart Surfer
Learn smart rules about chatting, social networking, texting and surfing. You can also take part in competitions!

Netiquette Games
Learn internet etiquettes with Les, Mo and Lil ' the three CyberPigs and their games!

For Teachers and Parents

Doing things together is much more fun! When you surf the net with your parents, they might be able to tell you about the latest movie or video game you want to buy; or about a sale in your favorite online store. You could ask them to read about the ways in which they can help to make the internet a safe place for you. Surfing with your parents can be a great way for the family to bond.

Internet Safety Resources
Your teachers and parents can visit more than 15 websites to learn of ways in which they can protect you from internet crimes.

Guidelines for Internet Safety According to Age
Your parents can visit this site to learn about how internet use differs as you grow up. They can download protection softwares to maintain family safety on the internet.

Steps of Internet Safety
10 steps your parents can take to make your computer secure.

Parents Guide to Facebook
Advice on how your parents can help you use Facebook more safely.

MySpace Safety
Ask your parents to protect you from online predators by reading this website and helping you use MySpace safely!

Family Resources on Internet Safety
Mariann Meritt will tell your parents how they can use Norton Antivirus to protect you on the internet.

Resource Center for Parents
Your parents can help you use the internet wisely by reading this online material.

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