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It seems like all potentially hazardous places in the home are kid magnets and the kitchen is no exception. It's filled with sharp, pointy and hot things that are very intriguing for kids. You can't keep them out of it because they'll just find a way to sneak back in. Therefore, it would probably be better to know what the possible dangers in the kitchen are and how to keep kids safe from them instead of trying to keep them out. An important starting point is to decide which child can be allowed to do what in the kitchen based on their age. Younger kids always want to do what their siblings are doing but they should not be allowed certain activities like handling knives and using matches.

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Kitchen Hazards for Kids

Aside from the obvious like knives and the stove, there are many other things that could be dangerous for kids. These are some of the things you should be extra careful about:
Grinder/blender: The grinder and blender can be dangerous because of sharp blades so don't let kids operate them and always keep them unplugged when not in use.
Garbage disposal: Kids can suffer serious injuries if they stick their hand inside a garbage disposal. Although it's normally out of kids reach you still need to make sure they don't operate it. It's a good idea to cover the switch or use another means to make it inaccessible.
Toasters: Children can seriously burn their fingers if they stick their hand in the toaster or it could cause electrocution if a child sticks any metallic article in it while it's turned on. So keep them out of their reach and be sure to unplug the toaster when not in use.
Glass baking utensils: Baking ware made of glass is not as big a threat as some other articles in the kitchen, but extremely hot glass pans and trays can shatter. These are some of the things you can do to make them safe:

  • After taking a glass utensil out of the oven, let it cool down on a dry cloth.
  • Preheat the oven before putting the glass dish in.
  • Don't place glass dishes on the burner.
  • Don't pour cold water into a hot glass dish.

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How to Keep Kids Safe in the Kitchen

  • If you have infants and toddlers in the house, don't use the front burners of the stove because children are very quick at grabbing the handles of pots and pans and pulling them down. They can get seriously burned if they spill the contents of the pan over them.
  • Be careful with knives and other sharp objects and make sure to always put them high enough so that kids can't reach them. If you have children old enough to use knives, have them use these in your presence.
  • Make potentially dangerous areas of the kitchen - like near stove - off limits for kids and ensure that they understand and follow this rule.
  • When parents are busy cooking, they often become careless and put hot pans and sharp objects on counters where kids can easily reach them. Always put hot pans and other hazardous items in the middle of the counter where kids can't easily reach.
  • Teach older kids to carry knives and other sharp objects with the tips facing downwards and NEVER wave a knife or run with anything sharp in the hands.
  • Remind kids (especially girls) to always tie long hair before entering the kitchen. Long hair can get caught in kitchen tools and appliances as well as become a food safety hazard if it falls in the food.
  • When we think about kitchen safety, things like appliances, knives and the stove usually come to mind, but there are other things to keep in mind, like food safety. When kids are helping in the kitchen, remind them to wash their hands before touching the food. If they are handling any meat, teach them to clean the surface on which it is placed before putting any other food item on it. They should also know to properly store cooked food when they are done eating.
  • In addition to everything else, kids should be taught the importance of cleaning up after working in the kitchen. Leftover food can attract vermin and pests. Cleaning the floor and countertops is also necessary. Spills on the floor can be very dangerous and cause slips and serious injuries.

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