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Mantra meditation has various different forms but all come down to the root objective of using your mantra, i.e. a word or phrase to merge a certain quality into your consciousness. Many people use the word Om, the name of a god, or even a phrase to create a certain quality or to get rid of a negative one.
Wildmind Mantra meditation: Introduction to mantra meditation and its history along with the various figures that Mantra is associated with.
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History of Mantra
The concept of Mantra meditation arose before Buddha when people would chant the names of gods to please them. Later on in ancient India, it was believed that by chanting the names of the gods you could evoke their powers to assist you in your daily lives. As the concept of Mantra meditation and chanting spread throughout the world, a new type of Mantra arose where people used this form of meditation to change the elements of their actual consciousness rather than calling out to God. Whatever the reason for choosing Mantra, it is agreed that it improves the state of the mind and thus overall lifestyle.
Mantra Meditation: The history of mantra meditation along with some commonly chosen Mantras.
Finding Santosha Yoga and Wellness: Mantra, chanting and positive affirmations along with the history of Mantra and its benefits.
Spiritual Resources: Information on meditation, its history, different types, benefits and potential.
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  • Develop Your Own Mantra

Before beginning Mantra it’s important that you know which phrase you would like to incorporate into your routine. Mantra practitioners often use the Mantra’s below or create their own depending on what they hope to achieve:
The Name of a God: Many people, depending on their faith, use the words: Allah, Elohim, Govinda, Om Namah Shivaya or any other word or phrase which encapsulates their God as their Mantra.
Om: Hindus believe that OM is the first sound from which beings in this world were created. Thus this word is commonly used as a Mantra.
Phrase for Positive Virtue or Removing a Negative Quality: By focusing on the positive you can use something important in your everyday life to create your Mantra. Examples are: I am smoke free, I am healthy, I exercise every day.
The few things that you should keep in mind to having a successful mantra are:

  • It should be short
  • It should be easy to remember
  • It must be positive
  • Your Mantra must have a personal meaning to you

Clear Mind Meditation Techniques: How to perform Japa or Mantra meditation in a very simple manner.
How to Create Your Very Own Affirmation and Personal Mantra: A great detail of information from empowerment specialist Joshua M. Zuchter to creating your own Mantra.
Create Your Very Own Mantra: Targeted at those who prefer to visualize, this provides a printable form to create your own Mantra. Also great for younger followers of Mantra meditation.
How to Create Your Own Mantra: A great list of Mantra’s from Diana Antholis along with a bunch of free, downloadable resources to achieve a healthier, happier life.
India Yogi: Information for creating your own Mantra’s with references to Hindu studies.
How to Perform Mantra meditation
Once your mantra has been selected, you’re ready to get started with Mantra meditation. It actually all starts from the day before your first day because it’s important that you are well rested before going to sleep at night. Involving Mantra’s into your daily routine is not just a meditation practice that you do for a few minutes a day. It eventually needs to become a way of life as your Mantra becomes a part of who you are.

  • Be well rested before you go to sleep.
  • Try to sleep at sunset and wake at or right before sunrise. This is the optimum time for your body to sleep.
  • Cleanse yourself, preferably with a full body shower.
  • Dress up nicely. It makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Go to your designated Mantra place. You may want to put images, candles, or other calming scents around your meditation area. Alternatively, you may wish to go to a religious building where you’re guaranteed to have peace and calm.
  • As a person who believes in the powers of Mantra meditation you must avoid violence of all forms, behave well, keep your body flexible and have good control over your breathing. Again, it’s a way of life.
  • Chant your Mantra, either to a rhythm or beat. You can use Mantra counting beads if you like
  • Have a great day!

Sanskritmantra: What is Mantra and how it works. Includes the various definitions of Mantra along with its benefits.
Mantra Chanting: Tips on how to achieve the most out of your Mantra as possible.

The Awakening Network: Information on what Mantra is, its value, how to start doing Mantra meditation, how Mantra works and other tips.

  • Thiaoouba Prophecy: Information on meditation, various postures that are beneficial and more information to get your Mantra meditation going.

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