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Mosaic is an art that involves creating images by combining small sized pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. Mosaics can be used for a variety of purposes, such as decorative art, interior decoration, or cultural and spiritual purposes, such as in a cathedral. Small pieces of stone or glass of various colors, known as tesserae, are the building blocks for all mosaic patterns and pictures.

Mosaic Making â€" Cornell University: Mosaics are a great way to introduce more color into a garden, especially when plants stop flowering and throughout the winter months.

Mosaics of Roman Britain Gallery: The floors of Roman buildings were often richly decorated with mosaics, many capturing scenes of history and everyday life. Some mosaics were bought 'off the shelf' as a standard design, while the wealthy villa owners could afford more personalised designs. Some of the finest Roman mosaics in Britain can be seen at Fishbourne Roman Palace and Bignor Roman Villa.

Make a Mosaic Yourself: Links to great tools that allow you to make your own mosaics.

Creative Art Courses: If you’re up for learning mosaic making in a classroom setting, here’s what a lesson plan would look like.

Making a Mosaic Rosette: Go to this resource to learn to make a mosaic rosette. A mosaic rosette consists of tiny squares of wood that create a circular mosaic design around the soundhole of a guitar.

Color â€" Size and Balance

When choosing colors for a mosaic, it is always a good idea to experiment with a variety of combinations. Pay attention to the size! You can end up with two very different looking mosaics even if they are made of the same number of pieces.The mosaic with evenly spaced and sized pieces will look much different from a mosaic that has a variety in the colors and shapes of its pieces.

Gold and silver colors should always be used carefully and should never be overdone. A small amount of pieces in these colors can make your mosaic very attractive, but if you add too many of these pieces to the mosaic, it can end up looking awful.

Mosaic Workshop: See the work of this highly experienced team of professional mosaic artists and designers as they execute mosaic commissions and produce and show original work.

Mosaic Heaven: Too lazy to make your own mosaic but really want one? Why not buy them!? Here you’ll find a great collection of ready to be sold mosaic items.

Opus Mosaic: An independent Gallery and Studio shop based in Exeter, established in 1999. Opus Music designs and creates Mosaic Murals, from small bathroom/kitchen splash backs for the home, to very large pictorial mosaics for the Commercial and Construction Markets.

Emma Biggs:Emma Biggs has helped transform contemporary architectural mosaic into a fine art form. This roundels above are from Five Sisters, a show she made for York St Mary's with her artist collaborator Matthew Collings. It included a mosaic, 'Clay End' made from 13th and 14th century pottery.

Gary Drostle: Gary now works from a studio in Woolwich in south east London, producing murals and mosaic works. In the last few years he has gained international recognition for his mosaics.

Overall Color

A good way to look at the bigger picture is to look away from your work every now and then. Very often, when all your focus is on your mosaic, you lose sightof what you originallyintended to achieve. Looking away from you work for a while will allow you to have an ongoing idea of the overall appearance of the piece. Pigments of color are important for the coloration of cement and grout. On the downside, they are costly and difficult to use as compared with acrylic paint.

Martin Cheek: Martin Cheek is a mosaic artist who has made his masterpieces available for sale online. A must explore gallery for any mosaic art enthusiast.

Mosaic Matters: Mosaic Matters is an online magazine for all things mosaic.

Mosaic Madness: Mosaic Madness is being successfully run by David Bowers who has worked in over 200 schools and a huge range of community groups. The organization makes mosaics for different schools and communities.

Jaine Marriott: Jaine Marriott makes hand cut mosaics for both indoor and outdoor use incorporating salvaged and found items including broken ceramics, slate roof tiles, glass bottles, and wall tiles.

BAMM:The British Association of Modern Mosaic (BAMM) was founded in 1999 and exists to promote, encourage and support excellence in contemporary mosaic art and to raise public awareness of modern mosaic art.


There are a number of different types of mosaic patterns that can be put to use for a whole range of varieties of reasons. First off, they make beautiful decorations throughout any home or garden. Secondly, a lot of people choose to make their decorations themselves by utilizing any of the free mosaic designs, which don’t even cost much. Mosaic designs can be based on themes or holidays.

Choose a summer based design to use during the summer season or select a fitting beach theme for a fun and vibrant look. Patriotic themes apply to independence days and house number mosaics that are displayed on the front door, are applicable throughout the year.

With the help of the internet, it is easy to find a pattern that suits your needs. All you need to do after that is to print it out and create your own masterpiece. There are many websites that provide step by step instructions on how to complete a project from start to finish. You will find complete online lists that are provided to make sure that the designer possesses all of the materials that are required in order to finalize the project and give it a polished look. You don’t have to be a pro or of a certain age to make a good mosaic for yourself. People of all ages can make their own mosaic and alternate materials, other than glass, can be utilized when making a mosaic.

Society of American Mosaic Artists: An organization that is dedicated to promoting, educating, and inspiring excellence in mosaic arts.

ASPROM:The Association for the Study and Preservation of Roman Mosaics is an association devoted to the study of ancient mosaics, and especially the Roman mosaics of Britain.

Mosaic Art Source Blog: This blog showcases and is always on the lookout for fresh new mosaic eye candy.

MAANZ: MAANZ is a not for profit association established in March 2002 to promote the mosaic art form and artist (both professional and enthusiast).

AIMC: The AIMC (L’Associazione Internazionale Mosaicisti Contemporanei / International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists) was founded in Ravenna in 1980.Since its beginning,the AIMC has regularly held conferences, mounted exhibitions and created publications to promote contemporary mosaics throughout the world.

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