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Have you heard about the Royal Wedding Commemorative coins? They are coins issued in honor of the fairy tale wedding of the century! Yes, you guessed it right. They are coins with Prince William and Katherine Middleton's faces carved on them. If you are a coin lover, this would be an interesting piece of news to come across.

Coin collection is a relaxing and interesting hobby. It can even be economically beneficial!

Numismatics is the science of studying coins. Wikipedia defines Numismatics as the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money and related objects. It includes the broader study of money and other payment tools used in buying and selling.

Numismatics differs from coin collection with regards to the research involved. It can be said that all numismatists are coin collectors, but not all coin collectors are numismatists. Numismatics and the coins which are studied in it constitute an open book on the history of the world. For thousands of years these small metal discs have represented more than just money they are also an expression of the art, culture and history of many nations and places.

There are thousands of books on numismatics nowadays. There are professional societies which promote its practice and also help develop coin lovers communities. There are endless news websites and even trading websites for numismatists online! Knowing the importance and background of this hobby will make it more useful and interesting! So let's learn more about numismatics.

History of Numismatics

The Vatican View of Numismatics
Explains the history of numismatics as recorded by the Vatican

History and Numismatics
Read about coins in the Byzantine Empire, Venice and other places!

Ancient Coin Languages
Read in detail about languages and empires in coin history. This site also has links to other coin related topics.

French and English Medieval Coins
Links to the history of numismatics in France, Germany and Spain with articles on other relevant topics

The Numismatic Society
What was coinage in the Dark Ages? What is the history of coins in Great Britain? Read on with plenty of other resources and sections on the website.

The Numismatic Evidence
A research on Taxila and the Kushans with the help of numismatics

The Numismatic Museum
A look into the ancient coins of China with glimpses of the Chinese Numismatic Museum

The Numismatic Historian
Read about the coins of Apollo and other articles on the history of famous coins.

The Numismatic Glossary

To understand the subject of Numismatics it is necessary to understand the terms it uses. A few common terms used in numismatics are:

  • Barter: The act of trading goods and services between two or more parties without the use of money. The greatest advantage it offers is to enable those who lack hard currency to obtain goods and services.
  • Boot: It may be cash or other goods added to an exchange or a transaction to make the value of traded goods equal.
  • Seigniorage: The difference between the value of money and the cost to produce it.
  • Xonumia: Numismatic items other than coins and paper money. This includes tokens and souvenir medallions.

Glossary of Numismatic Terms
Meanings of 300 plus words related to numismatics.

Coin Collector's University
Numismatic terms with acronyms.

Dictionary of Numismatic Terms
A center of coins where you have a coin dictionary and other coin-related articles such as ways to keep coins clean

Numismatics for Beginners

Coins represent history and money. They travel places and have breathtaking stories to tell. You can understand cultures and traditions by studying them. You can make new friends through this hobby. Best of all, coins make awesome financial investments! So here's a fun hobby that could also make you money!

Numismatics is a wide subject. You need to know where to start. You could make it a habit to never spend your coins or begin by collecting them in a piggy jar. You could start by asking your older relatives and friends parents for any collector coins they might have. People often save up other currency coins while traveling as souvenirs. You could also try your luck at the bank! Try exchanging a large amount of money for coins you never know what rare coin might turn up! Another useful tip is to keep visiting online coin trading websites. Often you can find definite keepers at discounted prices!

The following resources will help beginners on numismatics.

Coin Network
Join the social network for coin collecting enthusiasts and learn more through debates and talks!

Coin Updates
Catch up on daily news about the coin world! The latest news while I write this article is the introduction of a bill to have silver coins to celebrate Mother's Day!

Articles for the New Collector
What tips must you follow to build your collection? Where do you hunt for coins? What important bits must you know? Read 30 plus articles on different numismatics topics for a newbie!

Error Coins
CONECA is the Combined Organizations of the Numismatics Error Collectors of America. Their website tells you facts about the different error coins from 2003 to 2010!

Coin Collecting Guide
Learn ways of making this fascinating hobby useful! It also has a list of Amazon books related to Numismatics for beginners.

Beginner's Guide to Coin Collecting
A detailed question-answer article which explains numismatics basics to beginners. It also has a buy-sell section.

Royal Canadian Mint News
News articles on coin updates in Canada's Royal which all numismatic lovers would would love to read and discuss with friends.

Numismatic Mistakes
A list of mistakes many numismatic beginners make. Also has links to plenty of other articles.

The Rare Difference
What is the difference between bullion coins and numismatic coins? Detailed answers as well as a large video collection on numismatics.

The Coin Resource
The new coin collector guide book.

Coin Books
Names of 100 plus books on numismatics and coin collection.

Numismatic Links
Links of numismatic reference sites from all around the world.

Numismatic Do's and Don'ts
Learn ways to keep your coin collection intact.

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