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Who doesn't love a cute bunny jumping around the house? Rabbits can be great pets because of their social nature.  However, before you bring one home, you should know the basics of rabbit care and behavior.
House Rabbit 101: All of the basic bunny care info for new owners.
Bunny Basics: Everything you need to know about rabbit care is here.

Rabbit Behavior

Knowing the various behavioral traits of bunnies will make it easier for you to handle them.
Binkying: This is perhaps one of the most enjoyable activities of a rabbit.  When they are really excited, they dance, leap in the air and do acrobatics.
The Bunny 500: It is when they start zipping around the room at blazing speed to show their excitement.
Flopping: They rollover on their sides when feeling content.
Licking: Just like many other animals, bunnies also show affection by licking.
Honking: You may find your rabbit making honking sounds; this is another way of showing excitement.
Teeth Grinding: If your bunny is grinding teeth, it may be to express contentment and it can also be reaction against pain.
Growling: This is a sign of anger or stress; shown when someone is invading their territory or doing something they don’t like.
Kicking feet Up: Rabbits may show displeasure by kicking their feet up like hurling dirt in opponent’s face.
Chin rubbing: Rabbits mark their territory or claim an object by rubbing their chin against it.
Nudging: Rabbits nudge and sniff to explore things and sometimes it is done just to get attention.
Digging: They may dig on your leg if they feel that you are not paying attention to them.
Thumping: If you hear your rabbit thumping their hind legs, it means they feel danger approaching.
Rabbit Glossary: A large collection of rabbit terminologies.
Bunnyrabbit.com: This site provides detailed information about various aspects of house rabbit health and care.
Rabbitsmarties.com: This is the website for Rabbit Smarties publications.

ARBA: This is the American Rabbit Breeders Association web with extensive information on different breeds of rabbits.
Rabbit Education Society: Offers information about rabbit care, health and legislation.
Breeding Rabbits: Very useful information about breeding and raising rabbits.
How to Buy Rabbits: This site walks you through the process of buying your first rabbits.
About Rabbits: Nice article about general info on rabbits.

Rabbit Care

You need to know a few things to take proper care of your rabbit so that it can live a long, healthy life.
Housing: It is preferred to keep them inside the house in a cage.  Make sure that the cage is large enough for them to move around.  Your rabbit should be able to stand on its hind legs and stretch completely.
Food: Although they are not high maintenance in terms of food, you have to be careful about their food because their digestive system is quite complex.  They need a diet comprising of hay, fresh leafy green vegetables, rabbit pellets and plenty of fresh water.
Litter Training: Just like cats, rabbits can be easily litter trained
Chewing: They need objects to chew to keep to keep them active and engaged.  Some of their favorite chew toys include ball, bowls and rings made from willow wood.  You may also use untreated wood blocks and cardboard for this purpose.
Handling a rabbit: Kids can’t wait to get their hands on cute and cuddly bunnies but they don’t really like to be picked up.  When picking a rabbit up, place one hand on its back and the other under it and keep it close to your body.  Don’t lift them up by ears or stomach or let them hang in the air.
Medical care: Similar to all other pets, rabbits also need regular checkups and proper medical care as needed.  Pay special attention to problems with the digestive system because it can even kill them fairly quickly.
Spaying or neutering: We all know how quickly rabbits multiply so it is strongly suggested to have them spayed or neutered.  This also helps prevent cancer of the reproductive organs.
Pet Rabbit Care: One of the leading and most comprehensive sites on rabbit care.
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BinkyBunny.com: If you are just learning to live with house rabbits, there is a lot of useful info on this site.
BOING - Rabbit & Bunny Information: This is great site for information about issues related to house rabbits such as general care and health.

Interesting Facts about Rabbits

  • We all know how quickly rabbits reproduce but did you know that some rabbits produce up to eight litters of about 10-12 pups each, a year;
  • The largest litter reported had 24 pups;
  • The largest pet rabbit is about 4 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 50 pounds.  Its name is Darius and is owned by a woman in the UK;
  • Rabbits can run at a speed of up to 30 to 40 mph;
  • The average age of rabbits is 8 to 10 years but the oldest rabbit recorded so far, lived 16 years;

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