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Everyone likes to preserve their special memories; certain unforgettable moments in their lives. Some people take photographs, some make movies, and some do scrapbooking.
Scrapbooking actually started in 15th Century England as a way to compile information such as letters, quotations, recipes, perhaps poems, etc. Later in the 16th century, friendship albums became popular. These were something like modern day high school yearbooks, where friends and acquaintances would enter their names, signatures along with a little special message. What was especially appealing about such books was that each book was completely unique to the creator's interests.
Here's a good article about scrapbooking and its history:
All About Scrapbooking This Wikipedia article pretty much tells you everything you might need to know about scrapbooking, its history, the types of scrapbooking, the materials used, etc.

What is Scrapbooking?

You might think of scrapbooking as a decorated, fun photo album which you can use to preserve history, or precious moments in your life. Besides photographs, scrapbooks might contain artwork, print media and several brief journals.
You may choose to make a scrapbook of any number of events such as:

  • Your baby's first year including his/her birth certificate, a picture of his/her birth, perhaps a small article of clothing such as a tiny sock, etc.
  • Your graduation including photographs and signatures of all your classmates
  • A summer vacation including pictures of all the fun things you did, perhaps a ticket to a theme park, maybe a plastic coated leaf if you travelled through the great outdoors.

Here's some more great information to get you started on your scrapbook:
Scrapbooking 101 This lovely all-in-one site tells you all the basics of scrapbooking, what supplies you'll need, tutorials and also shares some valuable tips and techniques for creating your scrapbook
Learn2Scrapbook A very simple explanation of what a scrapbook is as well as useful information on scrapbooking basics and how to go about creating your own scrapbook. Also some practical advice on how to choose the right supplies

Basic Tools for Scrapbooking

You might think that scrapbooking would be very tedious, but the truth is that it's very simple. You just need some basic supplies including:

  • A scrapbook album
  • Your photographs this is a no-brainer of course
  • Plastic sheet protectors
  • Scissors perhaps you can try the decorating kind such as the zig-zag ones to give extra flavor
  • Tape or glue
  • Paper though any paper will do, it's good to use colored paper with designs if available
  • A journaling tool if you have great handwriting then perhaps you can just use a nice pen and paper. Or, if you prefer you might use a computer printout

Some other nice to have tools:

  • Paper cutter this is great for cropping photographs and is much better and more precise than scissors
  • Craft knife you might also use a hobby knife
  • Metal ruler In order to make high precision cuts with your craft knife a metal ruler is vital

Here's more about the tools you'll need for your scrapbook:
Tools for Creating a Great Scrapbook (Video) A beautiful scrapbook requires the right set of tools. But the tools don't have to be complex or expensive! Watch this video to find out what you need
Tools Needed to Scrapbook your Pictures Here's a nifty little website that tells you all the basic tools you're going to need to make yourself a wonderful scrapbook to cherish your memories
Scrapbooking Tools and Materials Although there seem to be a vast range of tools and materials available for scrapbooking, in reality you just need some basic supplies. Read this article to find out precisely what you need
How to Choose Basic Scrapbook Supplies Sure you might want all sorts of great supplies for your future scrapbook, but what's your budget?' This article gives you some practical advice on how to go about selecting your scrapbook supplies based on your pocket realities

How to Make your Own Scrapbook

Now that you have all the tools, you're ready to begin making your very own scrapbook page. Here are some helpful instructions:

  • Choose your photographs Select the photos that best describe the moment. Keep in mind that each page is telling a unique story or part of a story
  • Select the right paper Now select a patterned paper to go with that photograph. The right paper will do wonders for your scrapbook page by giving it color and depth
  • Mat your photographs Whenever you use patterned paper, never forget this rule: mat your photograph onto a solid colored paper first so that the colors from the patterned paper don't end up competing with the colors in your photograph
  • Lay out the page Now arrange your other design items (e.g. ticket to a concert, other artwork) on the background paper around the photograph. Make sure to first decide the layout and then glue the items on.
  • Write your story Write the story directly onto the page, or write it on a scrap paper and glue it on to the scrapbook.

There's really no right or wrong way to do your scrapbook it's meant to be unique to you!
5 Tips for Quick Scrapbook pages We usually think that making a new scrapbook will be a tedious bit of work, but these tips will help you create your own page in a jiffy!
Beginner Scrap Book Tutorials (Videos) This set of 5 videos will teach you everything you need to know to start up your own scrapbook about the subjects you enjoy
Fun Ways to Scrapbook (Video) Sure, you're doing a scrapbook about your passion, but scrapbooking can be boring. Learn how to make it fun with the techniques in this video
Scrapbooking Ideas, Templates, and Tips Videos of over 100 different scrapbook projects of all kinds to give you lots of great ideas for your own scrapbook

Digital Scrapbooking

We're living in the digital age so how can you expect scrapbooking to remain the same as way back in the 19th century?
These days you can make your very own digital scrapbook. This is the same as doing regular scrapbooks, except it's done on a computer with digital photographs and graphic design software which you use as the paper and other elements.
Here are some great resources for digital scrapbooking:
What is Digital Scrapbooking and Getting Started Everything you need to know about digital scrapbooking: what it is, what tools are needed, the advantages over paper scrapbooking, etc.
10 Resources for Online Scrapbooking Scrapbooking doesn't have to be about cutting paper and then gluing it in a book any longer. There are great ways to have your own online scrapbook. Read the link to find out more.
Learn Digital Scrapbooking Online tips and tutorials for developing your own digital scrapbook (Note: This is a paid site)
What is Digital Scrapbook? (Video) A brief video explaining what you need to know about the new way to create scrapbooks

Great Ideas, Themes & Templates for Scrapbooking

Don't know where to begin with your scrapbook? Maybe you might get some ideas from the links below:
Scrapbooking ideas Lots of great ideas for scrapbooking including new baby scrapbook, career scrapbooking, scrapbooking for special occasions, and more!
Free Scrapbook Downloads Lots of great artwork and templates for your new scrapbook. And best of all they're free!
Free Digital Scrapbook Kits Free artwork, templates and designs you can use for your own digital scrapbook
Tips, Tricks, Ideas & Inspirations for Scrapbookers Want to begin your scrapbook but hitting a blank wall? This site could help inspire you and give you some fresh ideas!
Class Ideas for Scrapbooking (Video): Are you planning to teach a class on scrapbooking? Well here are some great suggestions for preparing!

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