A Guide to Improving Your Vocabulary

Insipid? Obsequious? Vapid? These words may seem new and even strange to you but they're not impossible to learn. Many students and teachers often face the problem of understanding how to tackle vocabulary problems. If you want to improve your word bank in a matter of a few weeks then this guide will sort you out. All you need is a simple internet connection, access to a good dictionary and thesaurus, and you'll be on your way to learning words to embellish your written and spoken prose and rhetoric with.
6 Great Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary - These little techniques are guaranteed to make it 600% easier for you to improve your vocabulary
10 Great Vocabulary Builders for Students This resource can help teachers work with their students in order to improve their vocabulary
Improve Your English Vocabulary - Great resources and tips to help you improve your English vocabulary
Vocabulary Games - Open your mind like a child. This link takes you back to the basics where you might have forgotten the real way to learn: Like a child.
PDF on increasing your vocabulary - Learn the context or background of the word. Etymological roots play an important role in understanding the meaning of a word.

The Importance of a Good Vocabulary
The importance of vocabulary is not confined to school and college only; it extends beyond it. In our professional lives, we need to have a good command over language so that our conversations are impressive and comprehensive, yet concise and to the point. A strong vocabulary not only helps one to understand the crux of an important conversation, but also helps one to leave a long lasting impression on others.
Important Reasons to Improve your Vocabulary - Three important reasons why having a good vocabulary is vital to getting ahead in life
The Benefits of a Good Vocabulary - Learn how improving your vocabulary will make you a better person
Building your vocabulary is essential for your career - Here you'll understand how pivotal a role vocabulary plays in your academic and professional life.
Write Better English Great tips for improving your language skills and vocabulary
Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online If you're writing a paper on your laptop and need some word help, don't bother going to your bookshelf, just click this link
Dictionary.com This is not only a terrific online dictionary, but also has audio facilities so you can hear how the word sounds!
Thesaurus.com What's another word for 'frustrated'? Well you can find out using this handy online thesaurus tool!

Great Techniques for Improving your Vocabulary
It doesn't matter if you're working on an essay or a simple poem; an enhanced vocabulary extends your command over the language you're learning in. You need to be confident about your ability to learn and shouldnt worry about making a few mistakes. The following fun techniques can help you and your friends improve your word power:
Associate pictures with words
Some of us find it rather tedious to learn word after word to build up on our vocabulary reserves. Educationists believe that it is easier to handle such a learning disability by using pictorial presentations of the list of the words one is going through. It's easy! Draw whatever you are reminded of when you read a word. Many SAT students take this strategy up when their exams are near.
For instance: The word 'opulence' means rich, fancy and classy. In order to remember the meaning of the word, draw a picture of 'opulence' written in bolded letters, surrounded by pearls, dollars and rubies. You won't forget it! Now conjure up a sentence with the word in it. Presto! You know a new word now.
10 Great Vocabulary Building Techniques Some great tips for college students who want to improve their vocabulary
Building a Better Vocabulary More great ways to improve your vocabulary as well as links to some great vocabulary websites
How to Improve your Vocabulary Easy, practical tips for learning new words and retaining them
7 Proven Tips for Improving Vocabulary How do children learn so much? Through fun and play of course! So while improving your vocabulary, don't forget to have fun!

Using Flash Cards
Some people are able to pick up more vocabulary by using the age old method of flash cards. One side of the card has the original word on it while the other consists of the meaning of that particular word. Students often look at one side of the card and flip it to the other to see the meaning. During this time, they memorize the definition of that word and try using it in a sentence. Sometimes study groups get together and work on a set of flash cards.

It's always better to use sets with specific themes. For instance: A set of political terms and words make one set while a set of cultural words make another. In this way a thematic education on word banks is always more productive and memorable for students to work on.
ESL Flashcards for Kids Colorful, beautiful, printable flashcards to help kids improve their vocabulary
Great Vocabulary Building Games Play these fun online games with your kids and improve your word power together!
Challenging yourself on vocabulary - This link will help you understand more meanings of words by simply flashing an interactive card in front of you. Do you know what inclusion means? Strike out the two unlikely answers to get the right one. It's fun!
Vocabulary Magazine a whole magazine full of articles, games, and other great resources to help you improve your vocabulary
Study with Quizlet a great online flashcard study tool that allows you to build your vocabulary, study languages and much more

Read and Record New Words
If you possess a voracious appetite for words then reading and recording words is the best option for vocabulary building ever. All you need to do is pronounce the word clearly into a recording device and play it later whether youre working or playing or simply lying down in bed.
The word will never leave the recess of your mind. This has a lot to do with the subconscious state of your brain registering new words. How amazing is that!
100 Great Novels Great books for young and old. Why not work your way through this list of all time classics in order to improve your vocabulary?
The Power of Reading Great article on the importance of reading for building a great vocabulary
Write more to learn more! In order to increase your word bank, you need to experiment with writing. Write more often and make mistakes to learn from them. This link will offer more insight on the practice.
Finally, you can also start your very own journal on vocabulary which is important as well. Jotting down whatever you learn is through a pencil or pen medium is important and often termed as old school for its efficient rendering of words into your mind. Feel no hesitation in making blunders while learning. Read more, study more and learn more!

Vocabulary Games
Any kind of work becomes easy when you make it fun In fact, the best way to teach children is by making a game out of otherwise painstaking learning activities.
The following are some great online games and quizzes that will help you improve your vocabulary:
Vocabulary.co.il With great games for both grownups and kids including crosswords, WordSearch, HangMouse and Arachnid Falls learning vocabulary is now lots of fun!
Quiz Hub If your kids need help with their French, German, or Spanish vocabulary, try the great quizzes on this site
ESOL Courses Free English lessons online as well as numerous games and quizzes to improve your English grammar and vocabulary
English Word Games Tons of games and quizzes to help improve your English vocabulary ranging in difficulty from Easy to Challenging

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