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Pregnancy is a wondrous time for every woman who experiences it but it can also be extremely stressful. There are many techniques which can make the precious nine months go by more easily and yoga is one which has been proven to keep both the mind and body healthy. Yoga is also excellent for preparing your body for the physical exertion it will experience during labour. In fact, if done properly, you can actually strengthen the specific muscles which will be required to deliver your precious baby into the world!

There are many yoga centres which focus on yoga for pregnant women, but there are also some simple positions/techniques which you can actually do at home. One rule of thumb which is generally accepted is that if you’ve done a certain activity prior to pregnancy it’s safe to continue, with some modifications during pregnancy. That said, it’s extremely important to remember that before starting any activity you should consult your doctor and make sure not to endanger yourself or the child within you. Once you have the go ahead from your doctor, keep yoga in your normal routine and have a beautiful journey to bring your little one home.
The Art of Living: A summary of the different types of positions which are suitable for the first, second and third trimesters with further links to specific positions.
ABC’s of Yoga: A description of a few simple yoga positions suitable for pregnancy along with brief information on the different complications that yoga can help avoid.
Yoga for Pregnancy: Resources for both beginners and experts in yoga with information on relaxation, meditation, and breathing techniques from the world famous
Prenatal Yoga Workout â€" 10 natural and low impact positions for prenatal yoga from the reliable site
Natural Family Online: Information regarding the benefits of prenatal yoga, how to find yoga classes and what to do before beginning.

Yoga for the First Trimester
There are conflicting schools of thought on safe levels of activity, including yoga which is safe to do during the first trimester. Most people however do agree that movements which are jerky or include jumps should be avoided since they can interfere with implantation. Positions which are safe are standing poses such as Extended Triangle Pose, Extended Side Angle Pose, and Eagle Pose.
Prenatal Yoga Center: Excellent, detailed information on yoga for the first trimester with additional information on the hormones that change in your body during this time.
Livestrong: Yoga exercises NOT to do in the first trimester, excellent to review before starting your pregnancy yoga routine.
Health and Yoga: Specific exercises which are safe to do in your first trimester along with instructions on how to do them and graphic explanations.
The Women’s Health Doctors: Yoga and the first trimester with simple yoga positions which are considered safe during this time period.
Yoga Life Journey: A comprehensive article on positions for the first trimester, how to do yoga at home and precautions to take.

Yoga for the Second Trimester
During the second and third trimester, exhaustion may become more of a challenge for many women. For this reason, along with preparing for delivery, yoga positions which focus on breathing exercises are generally preferred. During this period a woman’s body goes through extreme changes as the baby becomes larger and the body accommodates these changes. Yoga is especially helpful to become familiar with your new body shape and help your muscles in stretching and strengthen to help support your entire body.
Yoga Mama: A brief article for yoga in the second trimester suitable both for yoga instructors and those who wish to practice on their own. Also includes a helpful video guide.
For Goodness Sake: Provides information on breathing techniques, poses to avoid, how yoga will help you during the second trimester and links to many videos to help you set your yoga routine.
Higher Ground Yoga: Focuses on yoga positions for the later part of the second trimester, when most women are feeling their best.
Prenatal Yoga: A detailed article focusing on how to do yoga at home including selecting a place to do your routine, whether to do yoga and tips for the second trimester.
Victoria Mom: A complete routine to follow for performing yoga in your second trimester. Includes complete instructions and photos to guide you.

Yoga for the Third Trimester
In the third trimester, exhaustion starts to settle in again and towards the end the baby shifts its position in preparation for entering into the world. Though precautions must be taken throughout pregnancy, it’s extremely important to be careful of the positions and exertions that you place upon yourself while doing yoga in your third trimester. The objectives of most of the positions during this trimester are to strengthen your back and pelvic muscles, all of which will be used during the process of labour.
Yoga in Pregnancy: Information which focuses on which yoga positions are safe in the third trimester with links to precautions to take while performing yoga, the benefits of yoga and more.
Aura Wellness Center: A list of four safe yoga techniques for your third trimester with a collection of free yoga material to download.
Yoga Journal: An article on what to expect when doing yoga in your third trimester and many other links to help you out in the last three months.
Fit Pregnancy: This article focuses on getting your mind and body ready for labour through prenatal yoga.
Family Relationships: Five prenatal yoga positions to get your body ready for labour.

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