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There are many reasons to put up fences these days. Some are good for keeping pets from escaping and getting harmed. Many people like to fence the boundaries of their properties and if you have features like swimming pools, they must be protected. So how much is it going to cost to put up your fence? Although there is no simple way to determine prices, this useful guide can help you come up with a reasonable estimate of the costs.

What Kind of Fence Do You Want to Install?

Fences come in many sizes, shapes and materials. First, determine what kind of material do you need. If you want to spend the least amount of money, wire or timber fences may be the best options. You have many different selections with these materials.

Maybe you want something with little or no maintenance? You might consider materials like stone or brick. A stone wall is one of the sturdiest fences you can build and will last for many years.

Colorbond fencing is also available. It is coloured steel and can be bought in a wide range of colours and styles for many different uses. Steel fencing usually comes with a ten year guarantee.

You also may wish to consider vinyl fencing. Vinyl can be made to look like many different kinds of fencing. They make excellent livestock and privacy fences and can be used for swimming pools too.

Vinyl is extremely durable and there is no need to worry about rust or corrosion which can happen with steel. With vinyl, you do not have to be concerned about insects or rotting. It is also specially treated to resist ultraviolet light from the sun so it will not fade. Vinyl is basically maintenance free as it never needs finishing or repainting. Unlike timber fences, vinyl does not draw moisture or swell in times of high humidity. It will not crack or peel and the finish is permanent.

Some vinyl fences can attract mildew but this can be remedied by occasional washing.

Do You Need the Old Fencing Removed?

Don't forget to include labour costs of removing old fencing if you are replacing a fence. This can add to the cost significantly and you may want to do the removal yourself to save money. However, it is labour intensive and time consuming.

Other Factors Which Can Affect Installation Price

If you have soft soil or it contains a lot of rocks, it may be much harder for your fencing professionals to set posts and this can add to labour costs. Plus, if the land has a significant slope it can create challenges and this costs more. Size also matters, as some contractors provide discounts for fencing large areas. You will need to know how many total metres of fencing you require. For example, if you want to fence a 20 metre square area, the total amount of fencing needed is 80 metres.

Talk to Your Neighbours

If your fencing is going to be on a property line, you may need permission of your neighbour. Plus, if you both want new fencing you can split the costs and this is good cost cutting strategy. You might be able to afford more expensive materials.

What Fence Height Do You Want?

The height of your fence will have a lot to do with determining costs. Most fences are one of three height sizes, 1.2, 1.6 or 1.8 metres. Now that you have an idea of materials, size and other factors you can make a reasonable estimate.

Estimating Your Costs

If you wish to make a general estimate, the average fencing cost in Australia is about $65 per metre. For instance, a fence for a 40 by 20 meters area would require 80 metres X $65 = $5200. However, most people will want a closer estimate.

Cheaper materials (wire or timber) usually run about $40 per meter. Vinyl starts at around $48 per meter Of course if you want rock or brick this can be $70 per metre or more. Special fencing like Colorbond can cost $80 a metre or more.

Once you know how much fencing and materials you need you can contact a professional fencer and he will give you an approximate price per metre. You can then multiply this number times the metre price. However, it's always best to have someone check out the land and provide a written estimate. You can talk to a fencing professional about your needs and discuss the selections for materials and other concerns.

Are You Thinking of Building Your Own Fence?

You can save money by doing your own fencing. However, it can be a lot of hard labour and there are many things you need to know about before you start. For one thing, your fencing should comply with Australian Standards and laws.

Fencing and Australian Laws and Standards

Laws are very strict when it comes to swimming pools. Gates must be able to close themselves and must swing outward. Gate latches must be a certain distance from the ground and pool fences must be at least 1.2 metres in height. Not knowing these laws could result in serious problems because neighbourhood kids or adults may get into your pool and become injured or drown. Even if they do not have your permission, you are at least partly responsible.

You need to be familiar with all the regulations concerning fences on property lines. Also, there are standards concerning fencing materials and the allowed heights of some fences.

If you decide to hire a fencing professional you will not have to worry about these issues. Your fence will be properly installed and comply with all ordinances and standards and you receive a guarantee on the materials and workmanship.

Tips for Choosing the Right Fencing Company

Not all contractors are the same. In fact, you may find a significant variance in prices and materials available. So how can you be sure you are getting a trusted company? Here are some helpful tips.

1. Figure out where you want your fence

2. Determine the materials you need and estimate how long the fence should be.

3. Check out each fence company beforehand. Find out how many years they have been in business and look for online reviews or references.

4. Contact fencing professionals and ask about their "per meter" prices.

5. Get at least three estimates

Costs listed in this guide are only guidelines and they can vary a great deal depending on your needs and situation.

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