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Keeping your car parked in a garage is one of life's greatest conveniences. You don't have to worry about wet, cold or hot weather when you enter or exit your vehicle. Plus, your garage provides a great source of protection for your main source of transportation. One of the most important parts of any garage is the door and if yours is old, broken or needs to be replaced, you'll want the best possible materials and features, for the lowest possible price. So, how much can you expect to pay for a garage door today in Australia? Let's look into the matter and see.

What Kind of Door Are You Looking For?

Did you know there are many different options when it comes to garage doors? For example, do you need a single or double door and would you like timber or metal? This will greatly affect the price of the door and the installation.

Door Types

As you may know, some doors roll up and down while others simply swing out. Naturally, if the old door is a swing out type, it will probably be cheaper to install the same type of door and the same goes for roll up doors. Let's take a closer look at the different types:

  • Roll up - this is the most popular and least expensive selection on the market today. These doors work in a similar fashion to window shades which literally roll up and roll down because the doors are very flexible.
  • Sectional doors - made in sectional panels so they fold as they roll in and out and when the door is shut, the panels lock together to form a solid door.
  • Swing out - this garage door is solid and remains in one piece all the time. To open, the door leans back and up.
  • Sliding garage doors - although they are uncommon you can choose doors that slide to the side.


Not long ago, most garage doors were made from timber. In fact, many sectional doors today are timber. Tilting doors are usually made out of timber also. Timber doors look great but they do have upkeep. For example, you'll need to paint them on a regular basis and make sure they are completely sealed from the weather. Timber is subject to rot and attack from insects. However, timber provides natural insulation (thermal resistance) to help keep your garage warm or cool. Here are some more material selections:

  • Aluminium - light in weight and highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Unlike wood, aluminium cannot be affected by insects or rot. In times of high humidity it does not swell. Aluminium doesn't provide much insulation from heat, cold, or sound. Also, because aluminium is a soft metal it is easy to dent, so you must be careful with kids around.
  • Steel - cheaper than aluminium and is stronger, although steel can also dent. Steel provides good protection but like aluminium is not very insulating. Steel is subject to rust and you should choose a powder coated steel door for best protection. If not, you'll need to keep it painted.
  • Vinyl or fibreglass - both materials are virtually maintenance free. There is never the need to paint or worry about rot or insects. However, over time both fibreglass and vinyl can become stiff or brittle and may crack. They are also susceptible to impact, which means it would not be too difficult to break the door and enter the garage. If security or longevity are concerns, fibreglass or vinyl may not be the best selections.
  • Composite - composite is made from recycled wood and is an eco friendly choice for Australian homeowners. Unlike standard timber garage doors, composite is low maintenance and may contain vinyl or other materials. Some doors are well insulated for maximum protection from the weather and there are many styles on the market today.
  • Glass - although you do not see glass garage doors very often, they are becoming popular in some contemporary designed houses. Frames are usually made from steel or wood and glass is sturdier than you may think. However, it can be expensive.

Selecting the Right Door for Your Garage and House

Not all door types will fit every garage. Here are some things to consider when you shop for doors:

  • Available overhead space - if there is not a lot of clearance between the door and ceiling you may better off with a sectional garage door as roll up doors takes up the most space.
  • Colour - garage door colour is very important because it is a major part of your home exterior and it should match the colour and decor of your house.
  • Size - if you are doing your own install, measure the old door and consider installing the same door type. Otherwise you could be in for a lot of hard and detailed work.

Garage Door Prices

The average price of a garage door is a little over $1000. However, prices may be as a low as $350 or as a high as $2000. These prices include door and installation costs.

Do You Want an Automatic Garage Door Opener?

If you already have an automatic opener, installation should not cost much more. However, when you need one installed the costs can be more than you think. For example, you'll need to pay for the opener which can run from $100 to $400. If there is no electric run to the door, you'll need an electrician or the garage door service to take care of this. Electricians usually charge a call out fee of about $100 and somewhere around $90 an hour for labour. Average labour cost for installing garage door openers is about $300 so you can figure and additional $500 for the opener.

Consider Your "Other" Garage Door

If you are concerned about security, this could be a good time to check into entry doors and steel doors are very secure and cost effective. You also may wish to invest in a secure door which opens to the house interior (for attached garages).

Total Cost Rundown

Materials and style are important when choosing garage doors as this can affect the price a great deal. For most homeowners, if you have $1000 in the budget you should be able to buy a good door and have it installed. If you need a new automatic opener you should add at least $500 to the costs. These figures are only estimates and provided as guidelines, to help the consumer get a better idea of costs for installing and purchasing garage doors.

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