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Gyprock Installation Cost Guide

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Are you refinishing the walls in one room? Maybe you are renovating an entire house and you need someone to come in and install Gyprock or plasterboard. It's possible to do some smaller jobs yourself but most Gyprock work requires the expertise of seasoned professionals to get it right. In fact, finishing Gyprock is like plastering and it is an art. But what is the job going to cost? Let's check out several possibilities and find out who to call, what to do, and what kind of budget you need to set.

Are You Doing the Job Yourself?

There are a few instances in which you can do the job yourself. For example, suppose you plan to install new plasterboard and put up wall panelling in a room? There is no real need to finish the walls perfectly. You will want to seal your walls properly but once the panelling is installed, no one is going to see the wallboard.

When you plan to install wallpaper or paint the walls, Gyprock needs to be perfectly installed. Plus, it must be finished so there is a smooth and even surface on the wall. Ceilings need to be properly installed and finished also. This takes skill and experience and is the reason most people turn to professionals for wallboard installation and finishing.

If you are going to do a Gyprock job yourself you will need to figure the square metres of wall space you need to cover. Typical Gyprock comes in 10 millimetre thickness and widths of 1200 millimetres (1.2 meters) by 2400 (2.4 metres). Each sheet covers 2.88 square metres. This will help you determine how many sheets you need. Plus, you will need tools and materials. Here are materials you might need to purchase:

  • Gyprock
  • "S" screws if you have steel framing
  • "W" screws or wallboard nails (timber frames)
  • Wallboard tape
  • Joint compound
  • Cornice cement - for ceiling trim or moulding


You will also need tools for the job, such as:

  • Trowel
  • Broadknife
  • Sandpaper and blocks
  • Utility knife
  • Straight edge
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer (or screwdrivers)
  • Wallboard saw
  • Snips
  • Eye and dust protection
  • Mitre saw - for cutting trim corners

As you can see, there is much more involved (even in a small Gyprock job) than you might think. Let's check out what you'll need to do when you hire professionals.

Who Installs Gyprock?

You can contact professional plasterers for a Gyprock job. They specialize in plastering and wallboard installation. However, you may also wish to contact these professionals, as some of them do wallboard installations:

  • Painters
  • Home Renovation companies
  • Handyman services
  • Building contractors
  • Home maintenance companies

The Importance of Location

When you look for Gyprock professionals check out places like the World Wide Web and search for "Drywall Installation" and try to find several businesses close to your home. The distance your plasterer has to travel can make a big difference in the cost of services and materials.

Determining the Cost of Your Project

When you check out drywall installers you may see advertisements like "drywall installation starting at $35 per hour. This usually means their lowest rate is $35 an hour and it may not include the cost of materials. However, it is possible to find some services charging as low as $30 per hour for installation labour. When you check out hourly rates, it can be difficult to determine costs because it depends on the job, how many cuts and corners must be made, and a large job may actually take less time than some smaller jobs.

Here are some typical costs you may find:

  • Gyprock install labour only - from $16 per square metre to as low as $8.
  • Materials and labour - expect to pay from about $15 per square metre to as much as $20 or more.
  • Cornice installation - some professionals may only charge $4 for each linear meter but it can be more than $16 depending on the type of cornice you choose. Make sure to find out if the charges include both labour and materials.

Since there can be a huge price difference, it is very important to get several estimates for your project. You could see a difference of $500 or even $1000 in some cases. A typical wallboard installation is usually about 170 square metres. If you take mid range labour and materials costs ($17.50 per square metre) and multiply it by 170, your cost is $2975. This does not include any cornice materials and installation. However, these figures only give you a guideline of what to expect.

Check Out Your Gyprock Options

Did you know there are several types of Gyprock you can use in your home? This is something you should talk over with your plasterer because it is very important to use the right kind of wallboard. Standard wallboard will probably be your cheapest option but in some cases, you may want something better. For example, some Gyprock is made especially for ceilings. It will lay flatter than standard wallboard and hold up better over time. Here are some additional options:

  • Moisture resistant wallboard - often used in parts of the home which may be exposed to high levels of humidity or moisture. For example, bathrooms and laundry areas can get wet at times. Plus, veranda and walkway ceilings are often exposed to moisture.
  • Acoustic wallboard - do you have the need for sound insulation? You can make your current insulation even more sound resistant when you install high density wallboard made for acoustics. This is a good selection for ceilings between levels of a two storey house. It will help to keep upstairs sounds upstairs, where they belong. It is also a good choice for bedrooms and any area of the home where additional sound insulation is required. Do you have a home theatre or entertainment room? Sound resistant walls will improve the experience and be easier on others in the home environment. It is also a good choice for home offices or workshops.
  • Anti-fungal Gyprock - this wallboard is used in homes of allergy sufferers. It is very resistant to moisture and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

When you shop for the best Gypock installers, be sure to keep all your options in mind. Measure beforehand, and get as many estimates as you can. This will help you save on costs and get the best possible services.

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