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How Much do Replacement Windows Cost?

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If your windows are old and need repairs you could be much better off with replacement windows. Even if the old windows still look fine, new windows are energy efficient and they make the home much quieter inside. Replacing windows can be a major expense but they will pay for themselves in lower utility bills and increased value of your home. But how much should you spend on windows and how does one go about getting new windows installed? Let's check out windows costs and additional window information.

Determining Factors for Window Prices

Before you call out a window professional, first think about the kind of windows you want. If you are unsure, we have listed some of the more popular selections later in this article.

Window size is also important. There is a huge price difference in a small kitchen window and a large living room picture window. Installation challenges also need to be considered as some windows are much easier to install than others. For example, your home may be a two storey structure and some windows could be high off the ground. In addition, if your home exterior is made of brick or stone, installation may be harder than normal and take more time.

What Kind of Windows Should I Buy?

There are two basic considerations for windows. First, you'll need to choose what kind of frames you want. Next, you'll want to select the type of window panes. First, let's look at frame materials:

  • Wood - timber frames are expensive but they are some of the most beautiful selections on the market today. Besides paying top dollar, you'll need to take good care of your wood frame windows. They may need occasional painting or finishing and the panes may need sealing every few years. Window putty cracks and becomes brittle after years of exposure to the elements.
  • Composite - made from fibreglass materials which can look like real wood. However, unlike wood, composite does not rot or warp and you never need to finish or paint it. In addition, some composite windows have exterior frames made from aluminium. These windows are considered to be in the mid range as far as price.
  • Aluminium - if you want maintenance free windows at affordable prices (cheaper than composite) aluminium is a good choice. Aluminium does not rust or rot and stays looking good for many years.
  • UPVC - this is the least expensive option and that doesn't mean UPVC window frames are cheaply made. Vinyl is very durable. It is not only maintenance free but vinyl has much better insulating properties than aluminium.

Frame Styles

If you want to buy the cheapest frame styles, consider standard windows that come in one piece. Fixed frames which do not move are inexpensive but you cannot open or close them. They may be good selections for small rooms or areas where ventilation is not a concern.

Windows which can be opened and closed are very convenient. However, to keep out insects you will need screens. Some modern windows come with built in screens or you can purchase them separately.

You have more than one option for opening your windows. For instance, some simply slide open while others use a louver to open and close.

Special features are also available with some window frames. You can choose windows that pivot outward or inward so you can easily clean the exteriors without the need to get up on a ladder or go out of doors.

Window Pane Selections

When it comes to window panes, more is usually better. For example, single window panes do not provide a great deal of insulation. However, double windows (double glazed) give you an air space between the panes for good insulation.

You also can buy triple pane windows for maximum efficiency. Choosing multiple panes gives your windows much greater efficiency than standard single pane windows. However, you can expect to pay as much as double the price in some cases.

Why Size Matters

If your home has standard size windows you are in luck. These windows will cost you less because they are readily available. If your windows are smaller or larger than standard windows, they may need to be custom made and this can add a great deal to the price.

Other Factors Which Affect Installation Costs

Perhaps you would like different style windows than the ones you currently own. For instance, you may want the convenience of opening windows to let in air and need to replace fixed windows with ones that open or close. This may require modifications (like cutting or rebuilding frames) and can increase the price considerably.

R Value and U Factor

When you check out energy efficiency of windows you will come across terms like r value and u factor, but what do they mean?

R value refers to thermal resistance. This is the window's ability to keep heat inside or outside. A rating of "4" is typical for single glazed windows. Multiple pane windows can have an r value of 7.

U factor is determined by how well a window conducts heat (non solar). The lower the number, the more efficient the glass is.

Insulation can also be affected by what is between the window panes. Some windows use gases like argon or krypton to increase the insulation properties.

How to Begin the Process of Window Selection

  • Decide on the frames you would like to have - is maintenance an issue? Do you want windows which add beauty to your home? Do you want the most efficient windows you can afford?
  • Consider your needs for ventilation.
  • Would you like the benefits (with the added costs) of double or triple glazed windows?
  • What size are the windows you wish to replace? To find out you will need pencil, paper and a tape measure. For larger windows it's best to have someone assist you with the measuring.

With this information you can contact a window professional to get a good idea of the approximate costs. Choose a window professional with years of experience and a good reputation in the community. Make sure he is a licensed contractor with insurance. Also, do not forget to ask about guarantees.

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