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How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

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Locksmiths provide a valuable service to the community. If you accidentally become locked out of your home or car, you can depend on your lock professional to be there to solve your problem. Many are available 24 hours a day in case of emergencies. However, locksmiths can also install new locks and security systems in your home. How much does it cost to hire a locksmith? Let's look at some ways to help you determine costs.

What Does a Locksmith Do?

If you need spare keys for your car or house, a locksmith is the person to see. Although you may find other businesses which make keys, locksmiths have the best equipment and most experience. You can depend on quality keys which will work properly. However, there is much more to these services than simply cutting keys. Here are some things your locksmith can do for you.

Special Keys

Many modern cars today take special keys and they have chips inside, so you can't simply use a key cutting machine. Some keys are parts of sophisticated security systems and it takes an experienced locksmith to reproduce them.

Doors and Locks

Your locksmiths can install doors as well as locks. Suppose you would like to have one key work the locks for the front and back doors. You might have 2 different locks on each door and a locksmith can re-key all the locks so you only have one key to be concerned with.

Many home and business doors do not use standard keys anymore. It is more secure to install locks which require number codes. A locksmith can easily install these locks and show you how to program them. With this method, you will never lose your keys to the house or place of business.


If you own things of value you may wish to keep them inside a safe. Safes must be properly installed or thieves could easily break into them or even carry off the entire safe. Locksmiths know how to make safes very secure and will help you choose the right model for your needs and budget.

Security Systems

A locksmith has a lot of training in home security and is there to install any kind of system you need. Maybe you want high tech surveillance with CCTV and Internet monitoring capabilities. These are only two of the many security features you can enjoy.

Additional Services

Here are some more services you may receive:

  • Lock sales and service
  • Broken key removal
  • Security screen doors
  • Safe unlocking
  • Cloning transponders
  • Security audit services
  • Window locks
  • Home hardware sales
  • Electronic lock installation

Locksmith Fees

When you call a locksmith, he or she usually charges a call out fee. During regular business hours this can be from $100 to $130 or more. Expect to pay about $60 an hour for labour.

If you need services just before or after normal hours, you may pay an extra $50 on the service call. After 8pm and before midnight standard call out fees may double and after 12am they can triple.

Travel time is also a consideration and this is a good reason to choose a local locksmith who is not far away.

Costs for Lock Services

If you want your locks rekeyed, it may cost $20 to $30 per lock. However, if the locksmith must come to your home, then you'll need to add in the call out fee and labour charges. If possible, remove the locks yourself and take them to your locksmith. This will save a lot of money.

Costs for Changing Locks

If you are moving to a new house and you want to change all the locks, it's easier to have a lock professional do the job. Most locksmiths can take care of work like this for between $200 and $250 but this depends on the kind of locks and how far away the locksmith is. You can call most locksmiths and tell them what you need and they should be able to give you an accurate quote over the phone.

Safe Installation Costs

The kind of safe you choose, installation location, and type of lock, will have a big effect on the price. Plus, if it is a new installation in a wall or floor, costs may be higher because there is more work involved. When choosing a safe, the materials are important and whether it is fire or flood resistant too.

A floor safe is the most difficult and expensive to install as the average floor safe takes at least 3 hours of labour. Wall safes are more popular these days and much easier to install. However, floor safes are more secure and easier to conceal.

The average safe installation cost in Australia is about $700. Of course, you'll need to add in the cost of the safe to get the complete costs.

Pricing Home Security Systems

There are a tremendous amount of options for home security and every home has different needs. Let's look at some typical systems and check out average prices.

  • Wifi Cameras - this is easily installed yourself and costs around $150. It works off your current wireless Internet connection
  • Wireless home security system - a small system can be purchased for about $400. You will receive a wireless motion sensor, door sensor, window sensor and 2 remote controls. This is a "do it yourself" project.
  • A typical four camera security system can be installed for about $1000. This allows you to access and view the system with your smart phone.
  • Home monitoring systems are more expensive and installation runs from $1500 to about $3000 plus you will have monthly fees to pay.

Costs for Door and Window Security Screens

If you want to increase your home security, consider the addition of security screens. When you shop screens make sure they meet government standards. This ensures they are impact and cut resistant. Aluminium screens are very popular as are stainless steel. A quality screen door costs about $400 and custom made doors can be as much as $1000. This does not include the installation costs.

Locksmith License Requirements

In many states today, a locksmith must possess a security license to do certain work. Although it is not a requirement, locksmiths belonging to organizations like the Locksmiths Guild of Australia, can be counted on for high quality service. Check with the licensing requirements of your state to be sure your locksmith is qualified for the job.

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