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How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Cost?

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With busy families using different rooms of the house for work, study, relaxation and entertainment, having air conditioning in just the living room doesn't really work. You could install air conditioners in every room, but ducted air conditioning is more energy and cost efficient. But how much is having a ducted air conditioning system going to cost you?

Which Type of Air Con System Do You Need?

Do you want to cool your house only or do you want a reverse cycle system that can cool or warm the house? Reverse cycle air conditioners cost a little more, but make sense if you live in a temperate or cooler climate, where heating is as important as cooling.

Whether you choose a cooling or reverse cycle system, it's important to choose air conditioning that has the right capacity to efficiently do its job. The capacity of an air conditioning system is measured by its kilowatt output. The smallest capacity systems are around 3.5 kilowatts. This is adequate for a small apartment, but if you have a 3-bedroom home, it won't be enough. At the other end of the scale, ducted air conditioning systems of up to 30 kilowatts are available, but that's far more than the average home requires. Choosing the right capacity system is an important first step. Even though a lower capacity system will cost less initially, the system will use more energy trying to keep your house at the right temperature and will wear out faster.

The cheapest ducted air conditioning systems deliver cool or warm air to every room in the house. This isn't always desirable, though, and can be a waste of energy resources and money. For a little more, you can buy a zone system, which allows you to pick and choose which rooms you want to heat or cool.

How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Cost?

There is no such thing as DIY ducted air conditioning installation, so when you get quotes for your system, they should be for both supply and installation. For the average home, a basic reverse-cycle system can cost as little as $6000, but the average for most single storey homes is $10,000 to $12,000. If you have a 2-storey home, expect to pay up to $15,000 to have your system installed.

Some factors that will influence the cost include:

The size of the system (as measured in kilowatts) The size of your home (in square metres) The number of outlets and/or zones you require A multi-storey home will require vertical ducting, which will add to the cost Inverter systems cost more, but are quieter than non-inverter models

Keeping these things in mind, you can get quotes from air conditioning installers online using our Get Quotes service. Give them as much information about your house as possible to enable them to give you more accurate quotes.

When comparing quotes, read everything in each quote carefully. One system may cost more than another because it has more energy-efficient features such as a zone system or is quieter running. Also ask about the energy-efficiency of the systems you get quotes for. Air conditioners are expensive to run and spending a little more on an energy-efficient system can pay off in the longer run with reduced energy bills.

Cost and prices in this article are indicative and should only be used as a guide. They also vary locally and are subject to market forces. This article was updated 15 July 2015 to reflect current market pricing.

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