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Grease Trap Cleaners in NSW: Sydney

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All Trash Oz: Carlton Logo

All Trash Oz: Carlton

By Appointment, Carlton, NSW, 2218

"Up the hose and away it goes" Handling your Grease Trap Waste in Sydney. Say goodbye to Your Smelly Grease Trap Waste.

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By Appointment, Cronulla, NSW, 2230

BioSolve® is a water-based, biodegradable blend of surfactants, which was specially formulated to react with hydrocarbon products. BioSolve is a patented formula, which has an enormous affinity for hydrocarbons that, emulsifies, encapsulates and disperses hydrocarbon particles into micro-emulsions, while suppressing VOC release. This capability makes BioSolve different from any other product on the market. These features render the volatile petro-chemicals inflammable, through encapsulation, while enhancing biodegradation. These qualities make BioSolve unique, versatile, and environmentally supportive in a variety of applications. Additionally, a design characteristic of BioSolve is to "release" the hydrocarbon (when needed) for recapturing of the oils and safe recycling. BioSolve, in and of itself, does not cause or catalyse specific chemical reactions, nor does it contain any bacteria cultures, nutrients or enzymes. Since its development, in 1983, BioSolve has been the subject of exhaustive laboratory testing and studies at many universities and governmental certification facilities. It has been utilised in over 40 countries for its diverse capabilities. BioSolve's patented formula holds the following listings; US-EPA/NCP, UL/ULC (NFPA-18), USDA, and r American Bureau of Shipping, IMO, and DOD NSN #6850-01-453-4819 P/N 2001-5. Also, NICNAS has approved of BioSolve for import into Australia as a Non-Hazardous Chemical. AMSA recognition as non-toxic for use as a dispersant in Commonwealth waters. BioSolve has proven positive for Odour Suppression and the Enhancement of the Bioremediation process of hydrocarbons. As you know, bacteria naturally produce surfactants to break down hydrocarbons. BioSolve is utilised as an added surfactant to assist the naturally occurring bacteria to break down long chain hydrocarbons, as well as short chains, into micro-emulsions. Thus increasing the food source and allowing the bacteria to consume particles more readily. Therefore allowing for enhancement of Bioremediation. This process allows the soil to be remediated expeditiously, which in turn saves time and labour cost, as well as allowing the owner to sell the land or begin building on the property in a timely manner. Finding a solution for PAH’s seems to be at the helm of the remediation business. In a treatability study performed at an Industrial site in Texas, Total PAH's were reduced from 92.17ppm to 20.74 ppm within 7 weeks. Benzo (a) pyrene was reduced from 9.97 ppm to 1.5 ppm, in that same time frame. Vapour Suppression & Odour Control BioSolve is being utilised by environmental consultants and industrial cleaning companies to suppress vapour and control odours. BioSolve encapsulates the source rather than temporarily blanketing it like foam or mask the product. Vapour and Odour reduction is so fast and effective, that BioSolve is used to comply with tough emission standards. On Spills When applied properly, BioSolve quickly emulsifies and encapsulates hydrocarbons from spills, which occur on highways, terminals, or other surfaces. Hence removing the dangers of slippery films or ignition and eliminating any potential volatile situations. BioSolve will not damage asphalt, concrete or painted surfaces. BioSolve can also be used for cleaning around heavy machinery. On Soil Biodegradation of hydrocarbons occur due to the bacteria's that are naturally present. However, when BioSolve is used in conjunction with nutrients commonly used for bioremediation, reports show a quicker degradation of the soil. Therefore, time and overall costs for remediation are greatly reduced. The length of time may vary for bacteria to degrade the particles and remove them from the environment. These factors vary due to environmental conditions, type of hydrocarbon, amount of oxygen available, etc. Fire Fighting BioSolve PinkWater is listed by UL/ULC for NFPA18 as a class A and B (hydrocarbon) fire fighting wetting agent. BioSolve applies like water, not foam, but using the same devices. There is no foam blanket or film to breach. The application emulsifies, encapsulates and disperses the hydrocarbon into the solution, resulting in a reduction or elimination of VOC release. Taking the "Fuel out of the Fire". This process offers additional safety for personnel as well as clean-up operations. In Storage Tanks BioSolve has been proven effective in eliminating VOC vapours. When properly applied, the BioSolve solution added to the sludge, will create a slurry that will allow for easy removal. The slurry can be processed through a separator. Recoverable hydrocarbons can be separated from the sludge and the amount of hazardous waste to be disposed of is greatly reduced. Sewage & Waste Water Treatment With BioSolve’s unique capability to break down the hydrocarbons in water, using BioSolve can increase the degradation in Waste Water treatment plants as well as treat sewage systems that have hydrocarbon contamination. BioSolve will enhance Bio-activity in the systems and decrease the amount of waste. i.e. Soluble oils are broken down into to microscopic particles and made “Edible” for the existing bacteria. Application rates vary and may need to be adjusted to site specific conditions.


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