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The popularity of sports and fitness in Australia has never been stronger in recent years. Many people are now into sports and fitness because of the benefits it has for the human body and the pride it brings to the nation. Many of today's athletes started training early and have developed into focused individuals that represent Australia in their respective sport.

Australia is known to excel in a variety of sports such as cricket, field hockey, netball, rugby league, and rugby union. Teams have also represented the country and championed in the Olympic Games at least twice in each sport. Sporting events that are held in Australia include the Australian Open tennis grand slam tournament and the Australian Formula One Grand Prix.

The development of sports in Australia is led by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). It promotes fairness, respect, responsibility and safety of sports player in Australia as pride of the nation in the sporting world. ASC also reminds people of the positive values and benefits of sports as well as the high standards expected from all people involved.

Sports stores are a common sight in many places in Australia due to the popularity of several sports in the country. The best sports stores in Australia are recognized by the Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA) and adhere to its guiding principles promote effective working relationships throughout all levels of the Sporting Goods and Leisure Industry.

On the other hand, fitness is now also an important factor in the lives of Australians. It has become a necessity to be in good physical shape for a variety of reasons that include sports, but most people have become fitness buffs to improve their outlook in life, their confidence, and health.

There are numerous fitness centres throughout Australian cities that provide use of exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise. Typical well-kept gyms have a variety of facilities and services that include:

  • The main workout area is where free weights and exercise machines are usually found. These areas are commonly installed with mirrors so that patrons can monitor and maintain correct posture during exercise.
  • The cardio area or theatre is where many types of cardiovascular equipment such as stationary exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and treadmills are located. These usually have a number of audiovisual displays to keep the patrons entertained during workout.
  • Group exercise classes include aerobics, boxing, regular and Bikram yoga, and dance.
  • Personal training programs wherein personal trainers devise a customized workout routine to help the clients achieve their goal.

Aside from physical exercise, there is a need for a balanced diet to achieve the best possible results. The benefits of a balanced diet include better blood circulation, digestion and absorption of nutrients, among other things.

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