Starpoints are the newest, exciting addition to the various points you can earn by using Starpoints have a very special distinguishing characteristic - they can be redeemed for real world gifts like iTunes Giftcards and Paypal transfers.

You earn Starpoints each time you write a real review for a business where you have been a customer. You can also earn some bonus Starpoints if you share a review you have just written with your friends on Facebook.

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  3. Joe N. - 81 reviews
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Starpoints Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines

Q: What kinds of points can I earn at

A: Guru points and Starpoints. You can also unlock badges, be ranked in the leaderboard, challenge other users in competitions that run from time to time and gain levels. You can see the status of all of your different points, leaderboard and competition standings by logging in and going to your user profile page.

You earn guru points for doing a whole lot of different things around the site. This includes posting reviews, commenting on other people's reviews, voting for reviews, posting deals, commenting on deals and more. All guru points earned go towards your level, your overall leader board rank and are also used in some competitions.

You can unlock badges and be ranked in certain clubs around the site by earning guru points in specific ways. For example, you can join The Foodie Club by reviewing restaurants. There are 7 different Foodie Club badges you can unlock at increasingly higher levels and you will also be ranked within the Foodie Club with the other foodies on

Starpoints are separate to guru points and one does not currently affect the other. You cannot exchange guru points for Starpoints. When you write a review for a business you will earn both guru points and the valuable Starpoints. Starpoints are the ones that can be exchanged for iTunes Giftcards or Paypal transfers.

Q: How many Starpoints do I need to earn or reviews do I need to write before I can make an exchange?

A: Check your user profile page to find out how many points you currently need before you can make an exchange.

Q: Is there a limit to how many Starpoints I can earn?

A: There is no overall limit however there is currently a monthly limit of 2,000 points.

Q: Do I have to be in Australia to participate?

A: YES. We wish this wasn't the case as we know that Australians' love to travel but for now, it's necessary that you are in Australia for you to be eligible to receive Starpoint rewards. Remember for every review you leave, you must have been an actual customer of that business.

Q: Does StartLocal accept any review for Starpoints?

A: No, we are looking for genuine reviews that help our users make purchasing decisions. Low quality reviews are not eligible for starpoints.
Helpful Tip: In your review be specific and avoid making generic statements such as ‘the staff are friendly, the prices are low”. Instead describe how the staff were friendly, what did they do to make you feel welcome? If the prices are low, what did you buy and how much did you save?

Q: What if I don't have a Paypal account?

A: You don't need an existing paypal account as you can create a free account as long as you control an email address. Otherwise if you have an iTunes account we can send you a gift card when you redeem your Starpoints.

Q: Which email address will you send my Paypal transfer or iTunes gift card to?

A: We'll ask you for an email address each time you redeem points.

Q: Do you check each review that is entered in the system?

A: Yes, our admin team checks all reviews added to the system and if a review is removed because it violates our editorial policy or for any other reason, you will not receive points for it.

Q: Does my review have to be positive to earn Starpoints?

A: We would much prefer your review is objective (while still not violating our editorial policy - some reviews are not suitable for posting to Try to find the good points and provide some constructive criticism for your experience.

Q: What if I have more questions about Starpoints?

A: Feel free to write to us using our contact form and we'll get back to you with some answers ASAP.

Q: When do Starpoints Get Paid?

A: Starpoints are usually paid within the first week of the month for redemptions earned during the previous month.

Start Local reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time.

Happy earning!