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How do I get maximum exposure at StartLocal?

If you only need to access customers from your suburb then a free listing is all you'll need. However, if you'd like to put your business in front of targeted customers from your surrounding suburbs or from one or more whole regions then you can do so quickly and inexpensively with a Featured Listing.

Free listings vs paid Featured Listings

Your free listing will appear in your subcategories on only the suburb that your business is in (as well as relevant searches within that location). This will be from 1-3 pages depending on how many subcategories you select. It is also possible to appear on surrounding pages when potential customers do a radius expand from that page.

A Featured Listing will appear in your subcategories on every suburb page within the area you select to advertise in and will appear in a highlighted position above or to the right of the regular local businesses on that page. This could be from 5-10,000+ pages depending on which suburbs or regions you select.

How do I add a free listing or a paid Featured Listing?

Here's the short version:

This first page is for your free listing and then on the second page you'll be able to immediately see what it would cost to get a Featured Listing, how many pages of the site you will appear on and even be able to see how many potential customers would have seen your listing last month if you had been advertising then.

Here's the longer version:

To add a free listing just fill in the form on this page and validate your email address (if you haven't done so before).

To add a Featured Listing just fill in this form with your business details and then use the form on the next page to see what areas you can get access to with a Featured Listing.

Remember that there is no obligation to add a paid listing, our free listings will always be free. A paid listing dramatically increases your exposure and the geographical area from which you can get customers.

What is included in my free profile?

You'll get a detailed business profile page where new customers can get instant access to:

  • Your contact and location information (with Google map) so people can easily find your business
  • Your businesses specialties and your detailed business description so your new customers know exactly why they should choose you
  • Up to four images you can upload to show off your products or services
  • Up to three PDF documents you can upload so people can, for example, find your price list or menu easily
  • A quick enquiry form so people can easily send an email direct to your inbox
  • A link to your website (so make sure you submit a URL)
How could the Featured Listing help my business?

If you have a business that gets its new customers from more than just one suburb then a Featured Listing will ensure that your business has a highlighted position on all the suburbs (or regions) you select. This means that when a customer from another suburb is searching for your type of business, they will be able to see your listing there.

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How much is a Featured Listing and where do I get one?

The page you are on right now is the first step out of two total steps. On the current page you can enter your details for your free listing and on the next page you will have the option to immediately upgrade your listing to a Featured Listing. You will also be able to see the exact costs and the number of extra views your listing would have received in the results pages last month if you had been advertising with that Featured Listing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes StartLocal so special?

Glad you asked! StartLocal was created by one of the most talented teams of expert online marketers in Australia and is now one of Australia's fastest growing online business directories and local search engines.

The team behind StartLocal have together managed millions of dollars in search marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes from small sole traders to large ASX corporations.

How can my business benefit from StartLocal?

The expertise which our experienced team has brought directly to StartLocal translates to a site that is designed for just two things:

  1. To bring targeted, qualified customers and leads who are looking for your business to StartLocal - a place where they can find exactly what they're looking for.
  2. Converting our targeted visitors directly into your new customers every month by providing your business with the greatest exposure possible.

By taking a few minutes now and adding your business listing to StartLocal you'll be increasing your exposure to your target audience!

Why is it free? What's the catch?

No catch. Your free listing will ALWAYS be free. Period. If you want more exposure you can upgrade to a paid listing or downgrade from a paid to a free listing at any time.

Do you accept all businesses?

StartLocal is primarily a local Australian business directory. We do allow online businesses that are based in Australia (with a real Australian address) and ship products to Australian addresses. This does not include online businesses that do not provide a physical product. All businesses submitted to StartLocal are approved manually by our internal team.

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Describe the services you offer in each category you have selected in 50 - 120 characters. For example, a security guards and patrols business might enter "Expert personal security consultant. 10 years experience and an average of 95% crime reduction on our watch. Free initial consultation". These fields are compulsory and will help generate your profile more clicks from the search results on Start Local. It is highly preferable to make your short description UNIQUE (and not just copied from your website). Simply entering a list of keywords will result in your free listing being declined.

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